Cabin Fever!

I love this time of year, and my cats do too!
Snowstorms are my trigger to sew!
I lock myself in the studio,
and my machine gets a workout.

It's been pretty stormy the last few weeks,
and my machine has been a hummin'.
 My plan for this quilt was to use up my stash.
I simply tore the fabric and sewed rows around the center.
Warm colors only; reds, golds, tans, pinks, and browns.
The only accurate measurement was the 7" square.

I sewed 9 (7"squares) in rows
creating a  3x3 block section, 
and quilted the blocks separately.
The reverse side of each section,
was one large block.

Each section was heavily quilted.
I used a binding method to attach each section
 together on the reverse side of each block.
Then the rows were sewn together.
The finished quilt is a total of 12 sections
sewn in rows of 3 x 4.

I use a 2-1/2 strip to bind the edges, 
and a 2" strip to bind the sections together.
I iron fold the strip in half, and sew across the raw edges.
Then I flip the folded side over the sewn edges, and 
whip stitch it down.

It's an unconventional style of quilting.
It's quick and I get the heavy quilted look that I love,
and it's easy to sew small sections at a time.

I'm using up my fabric stash,
and I have another quilt to display.

The quilt pictured above is done.
I have already pulled out a pile of 
tans, creams and browns,
and have started a new quilt.
This time the squares will be at least 12" each.
This will speed up the process.

Especially since Tim has an itch to paint 
the living room and kitchen.
We chose this color: and the new quilt 
will accent that paint color perfectly.

I've been waiting over 8 years to paint these rooms.
(So it looks like we are painting next weekend!)

Tobey is bored with all this quilt talk,

and prefers to nap while the machine hums.

To some folks, 
snow storms are dreary
and cabin fever is a nasty word.
To me, 
cabin fever is a lovely thing!
I have more weekends to putter in my studio,
I don't have anywhere to go,
and I'm not expecting company.
I take advantage of these rare moments to play.

Cabin fever has a different effect on Tim.
He prefers to be out on the ocean
and pretty much is 
from April to November.
He begins counting the days
after the boat is shrink wrapped.
He is watching repeats of 
his fishing shows, and is getting antsy.

Painting wasn't on my agenda, 
but if I want new painted rooms, 
I will have to 
step away from my studio 
for one weekend anyway!

It won't be long, my gardens will beckon,
and we'll be enjoying cocktails on the porch.
And my sewing machine will gather dust
til the next storm!


Snowy White Owl encounter

When I was invited to take a drive with my camera,
to catch a glimpse of a snowy owl, I was doubtful.

But sure enough, there she was.
So beautiful.
(click on photos to enlarge)

Her head swiveled side to side,
as spectators with cameras kept snapping away.

I'm sure the homeowners weren't too happy 
with the all the attention they were getting!

Here is a link to learn more about how these owls
are landing in our area:


Out with the old....

The holidays are winding down,
I'm slowly putting the decorations away,
and reflecting on this past year.
Older.  Wiser.  Happy.

My focus in the studio was to Purge.
Purge I did; but it is a slow ongoing process.

I managed to spend more time creating, 
and I would like to take this opportunity
to thank all my customers that purchased
from my Etsy shop; 
especially the returning customers.
It is so heartwarming.
Thank you!

My goals are forming as I 
consider my clean slate for the new year.
Some private, some artsy and attainable.
I don't know where the time went,
but I think I'm ready for the new year.
Come on 2014.
I think I'm ready for you.


It's a doll thing...

I'm obsessed with dolls.

More specifically, making them.

I decided to do something with my stash of vintage linens.

First I made the dresses....

THEN, I made the dolls.
I know it's a little backwards....
but I never follow the rules.

Their quirky expressions melt my heart.


These dolls are currently for sale at Log Cabin Antiques
and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to 


STOP - Do Not Enter

No one allowed in work zone

Artist busy creating.
Stay tuned!


My favorite season

I work 3 miles from the beach,
and often spend my lunch hour there.
(ESPECIALLY after tourist season!).
I pass this little pond along the way,
and yesterday had 15 minutes left,
so I decided to pull over to appreciate the view.
The reflections in the water caught my eye,
especially with the contrast 
of the foliage against the blue sky.

Looking in this direction,
you can see the geese and ducks.
A rather large group of ducks have taken
residency here since many folks 
provide feed on a regular basis.
The geese are passing through.

There was a lot of energy at the ocean yesterday.
The temp was warm, and the air crisp and breezy.
The waves were huge and awesome for the surfers.

I didn't mean to alter the angle of this shot,
but it accidentally happened
while trying to crop it on my iphone.
I would have had to wait too long 
for another perfect shot.

After work yesterday, 
I joined Tim for a beer & pizza,
and later we drove to the beach
to see if we could catch the 
lunar eclipse over the water.

We gave up waiting,
and then my phone battery died.
It so pretty any way,
as the sky darkened, 
the reflections of the moon just glistened
on the water.

Listening to the waves was so soothing.
We were re-enacting the day
we spent our first date (sort of),
and began our relationship
12 years ago.
It was a perfect way to end 
the day/week!

It is now Saturday morning,
and I will be pushing the
 "pedal to the metal";
sewing machine that is!

I may have been silent on my blog this summer,
but I have been stitching my fingers to the bone.
I literally had to find my thimbles,
my fingers were getting so raw!

I will be vending at the Yuletide Fair
in Stratham on November 23rd,
and I'm in panic mode trying to be ready.

I hope to post pics of my creations 
as time allows.
These little moments taken to 
appreciate natures' beauty,
only fuels my fire to create!
I generally tend to 
kick it up a notch
this time of year.
Fall is definitely my favorite season!
Thank you for visiting my world,
I will see you soon!
My sewing machine beckons...


I'm still here...

I haven't been blogging much,
but I'm still here.

Enjoying Indian summer
busy hands getting ready for a
craft fair in November
helping mom
enjoying company

I'll be back soon!


Sunrise Journal

 Another chunky fabric/mixed papers journal
with matching cover.

 The combination of sunny yellows and carrot oranges
seem to shout out "sunrise" to me.

The turquoise sari ribbon helped tone it down a little.

The journal bag is lined in a solid yellow fabric.
It measures 12-1/2" wide by 13" tall

 The front and back cover is made of 
patchwork painted papers, with machine stitching.
The spine is a assorted fabrics and ribbons.

Journal is 11-1/2" wide (counting ribbons)
9-1/2" tall ~ 2-1/4" thick

The journal is made of 3 signatures.
The folios are assorted papers, of
wallpaper, scrapbook paper, 
painted papers & card-stock.

Each folio has an outer fabric layer,
with a pocked on each side.

There are 96 pages,
plus fabric pocket on inner cover,
and back cover.

14 total fabric pocket pages

To be listed on Etsy soon.

Thanks for looking!

Sunsets at Pawtuckaway

I took a couple days off from work
for a long camping weekend.
This was the only site available,
and we were pretty excited with it.

My brother and his sons checking out the sunset.

Tim, Dylan, Rick and Ryan

This duck was very bold.
It would move in very close, 
then quickly moved away,
and repeated this several times.
It stayed for a while.

 Janet joined me at my favorite lookout spot.

Mom joined us as well,
and also wanted to take some sunset photos.

The weather couldn't be more spectacular.

 Each sunset breathtaking.

Tim's nephew surprised us with a phone call.
He was in our area camping with his friends,
and went out of his way to stop by, 
 say hello and shared dinner with us.

It was a great time with family ~ making memories.


Sherbet Journal

I made a rainbow journal similar to this one recently.
This journal was made by request,
and is reserved for Karen
This is a sneak peek preview.
(Click on photos to enlarge)

 This color combination reminded me of
sherbet or sorbet ice cream.

(front cover)
I made a scrappy cover for the journal to match,
using the left over scraps.
I was asked to incorporate an explosion
of ribbons to match the journal.
It felt overwhelming to me.
So I decided to leave off the ribbons,
and squared off the bottom instead.
The sari ribbon doesn't quite match
the journal, but it felt right with the cover.

(back cover)

(Front Journal)
The ribbons are scraps from the journal,
ribbons and matching fabric remnants.

(Back Journal)
The journal has an ivory ribbon 
to tie into a bow to maintain the 
expected expansion.

View of the snug journal in the bag.

Detail back cover

Detail front cover

 Three signatures - 80 combined pages in total
Each signature includes one outer fabric folio.
Each fabric folio has a pocket on each of 4 pages
(total of 12 pocket pages)

A combination of fabric, wallpaper, 
scrapbook, card stock papers
as well as miscellaneous painted papers.
If Karen decides this isn't what she had in mind 
for a journal, I will list it in my Etsy Shop.
Thanks for looking!