Suncatchers that resemble the St. John USVI Petroglyphs

I began creating these little sun catchers during the recent Hurricanes Irma and Maria. 

My son and his girlfriend were living on St. John in the US Virgin Islands at the time, and I was glued to the Weather Station as I waited to hear of their safety.
Shortly after the storms, my son left the island and came home for a visit. When he saw my sun catchers, he said they reminded him of the St. John Petroglyphs.
 I researched it, and was surprised to see the similar shapes carved on stone, attributed to the Taino Indians along time ago, on the lower section of Reef Bay Valley in the St. John National Park. Dozens of images and symbols were carved onto several of the smooth rock faces, some of the shapes very similar to my sun catchers.


Stitching in the sunshine

I grabbed a few minutes to sit in the sunshine
on my lunch hour while stitching these bird ornaments.
Fall is finally in the air.
Cooler weather will be here soon,
so I'm relishing the last few warm days left !


Creating again...

Life has been consuming for several months, 
and juggling priorities means less time to create.
As you can see, blogging took a back seat.

This weekend, I decided to take photos
of these wonky, quirky sun catchers,
I have made recently.

My biggest goal in the studio is to make things
with the supplies I have on hand.

I have committed to a fair in November,
so whenever I can grab a few minutes,
I try to make little things.

These sun catchers were made 
while glued to the Weather Channel during
Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

My son lives in the Virgin Islands, 
and during both storms, I lost contact with him.
So I needed a distraction,
and this project was perfect for that reason.
Thankfully, he is fine. 

I dragged out some assorted wires,
and my beads and button stash.

I hammered wire into funky shapes.
Then I used assorted beads, charms, prisms and buttons, 
and wired them to the funky shapes.

They proved to be very difficult to photograph.
Even though they sparkled like crazy in the sunlight,
it was hard to capture that in photos.

The funky shapes didn't always lay flat.
But I truly enjoyed making them, 
and I am excited to make more.

Along with taking the photos,
comes the task of editing.
Somehow, I couldn't troubleshoot
why I can no longer resize my photos in Photoshop.
Just when I was making progress, technology 
stopped me in my tracks.
I sort of feel like the way my cat looks right now.

Life seems to be settling down,
and fall weather is right around the corner.
Crisp weather always puts me into a creating frenzy,
so I will be posting again soon.

Sooner or later I will figure out the resizing problem,
and hopefully can start stocking my Etsy shop soon.

I do have more projects in the works.
Stay tuned for that.

If you have made it this far reading my post,
I do thank you for stopping by.


#1yearofstitches - January 8, 2017

 Week 1
One Year in Stitches 2017 by Gollywobbles
10" Morgan Hoop
tea-dyed osnaberg fabric

cut out flower from fabric
turned under applique

appliqued fabric flowers enhanced with stitches & buttons

bits of lace studded with beads and buttons

attempted to use waste canvas for green curly-Q stem
but that didn't pan out so well
added a few extra stitches to fill in the gaps

Facebook group created/hosted by Sara Barnes
currently over 2,300 members participating


Raiding the fabric scrap bin...

I have a HUGE stash of fabric scraps.
So I decided to challenge myself
to make something functional.

I started sewing strips across a strip of batting remnant.
Sometimes zig zagging, sometimes just straight stitch.

I pulled together similar colors,
but I was very random for the most part.

Once the batting was totally covered,
I started auditioning these little Victorian ladies
printed out on fabric.

Then out came the "other" stashes....

Vintage buttons
Sari Ribbon

No pattern was used.
I just squared off a front and back.

Added a Zipper, handle, lining and Sari Ribbon.

I am feeling very productive.

Now to get back to reducing that pile of scraps!


1 Year of Stitches Embroidery Project

1 Year of Stitches embroidery project 

Morgan Hoop embroidery hoop
tea dyed osnaberg fabric
special forged scissors from Notforgotten Farm
Valdani thread (horded way too long)
Stitching resources

My New Year's Resolution
I'm ready now....

Happy New Year 2017
Be safe.


Punch Needle Ornaments available now...

Thanksgiving roared by like a freight train,
in the wake of a crazy political season.

Christmas carols are playing in the stores,
and the holiday ads are already picking up speed.





I'm hoping for a simple holiday season,
without the commercial chaos & stress.

Focus on family, good health and blessings.
Spending time with loved ones,
and being thankful.

It will be the new year before you know it!


Snowmen and a rusty heart...

I love punching little projects like this.
I have  stash of paper mache boxes,
and this was a perfect way to use up a couple.

Whimsical, and bright; yet toned down to be primitive.

The designs were dipped in a walnut bath...

The boxes were sponged with a walnut paint.

This punch needle design was mounted to
a rusty heart, also in my supply stash.

 I love embellishing with seed beads to add texture and interest,
and the jingle bell and sari ribbon just tops it off perfectly.
This heart was also dipped in a walnut bath.
I have to say I prefer the time worn aged look.

I listed these items in my ETSY SHOP today.

Slowly, I will be adding more things to the shop in the days to come.

Have a great day!


My new crochet obsession....

I've been pretty busy in the studio lately...
I needed to unplug from Social Media in order
to concentrate on getting things done.
I actually got a lot accomplished.

I'm in love with making these crocheted beaded wraps.
It's my newest obsession.

I'm showing a few that I have made here.

Saturday I set up a booth at a local Craft fair
The weather was awesome,
and attendance was a huge turnout.
Met some pretty nice folks too!

I didn't get any good photos of my booth,
or of my items before the fair for that matter.
I snapped a couple photos, but the lighting
was so florescent it wasn't worth it.

I spent the first part of the day organizing 
and putting things away.

My studio looks like a tornado passed through,
and I'm anxious to do a deep cleaning.
But that will have to wait a bit
until I list some new items in my Etsy shop.

 I spent the rest of the day taking and editing photos.
It was a dreary day, so without some good natural
light, it means extra time editing the photos.

I didn't get any items listed yet, but I've got quite
a few of the photos ready.
Doing the descriptions is the next time consuming step.

These are some quick shots of what I will be listing soon.

I'm going to call it a day for now,
and hopefully will get these listed 
during this week, although it's
hard to say what to expect with the 
Thanksgiving holiday around the bend.
Maybe over the long weekend then...

Thanks for stopping by!


I'm back....

It's time to dust off my blog.
It has been an incredibly busy summer.
The last 4 weekends of summer were spent here.

Now that the weather is getting cooler,
and family obligations are settling down,
I am back in the studio.

I have been really digging in to get things done.
I have a big craft fair that I am preparing for,
which will be the weekend before Thanksgiving.

I want to get back into posting what I am up to here.

So I hope you will come back to see what I am up to.

Thanks for being here.


How one thing leads to another

I was inspired by a Creative Bug workshop
She created a beautiful quilt
with a focus on flowers.

My initial attempt was to create a similar project....
but my creative process steered me into another direction.


I began sewing a pile of patchwork squares.
They just sat there....because I couldn't take the next step.

I moved on to another experiment.
Without hesitation, I began ripping 
a white on white damask tablecloth
into strips.  I then used the 
quilt-as-you-go technique to sew the strips
to a square of batting.

Eventually I had a pile of patchwork squares,
and a pile of quilted damask strips.....
and a new idea took shape.

I brought out my stash of embroidered linens,
floss, buttons, ribbons and zippers.

That is how this little pouch was born.