Our amazing Autumn vacation in Upstate NY & VT

Day 1 Arrival - Lewey Lake, Adirondacks, NY

We met up with friends to spend 2 days here.

This is our view from our site.

We camped side by side.

Just setting up
This is our campsite Mascott named Hewey Lewey.

He was a loner, and stood apart from the others.

He would be at our door in the morning,

and frequently visited.
 I couldn't resist getting closer to these ducks.
They spent more time with their heads underwater,

than above water.

This went on for quite a while.

Our first night dropped into the 30's

and we woke up to steam on the water.

It was quite lovely.
Day 2 - Sunset

We were preparing to sit outside for our last dinner.

Quite suddenly, the trees lit up as the sun set.

It didn't last very long.

We had Chicken Fajitas for dinner, followed by
cocktails by the fire.....
and this gorgeous full moon.
Day 3 - St. George Battlefield Campground

We followed the path from our campsite.
to this park....

and from our site we could this view between the trees.
Our campsite is just behind this statue (see the blue vehicle).

This is the view from park, as we headed to the village.
 There were several cruise ships, but we were too late.
The village was like a ghost town.
All the shops were closed for the summer,
and left behind, were beautiful flower displays 
like these everywhere;
a reminder life did exist here.

The foliage was outstanding.

I loved the color of the  mountains,

 as well as the sky.

As we were walking, a couple monarchs caught my eye.
 We packed a lunch, 
and headed for a drive around Lake George.

Someone had already pulled their dock.

We decided it was a great spot to eat our lunch.
The contrast of the mountains to the foliage was striking.

Day 5 we headed back to Vermont,
and couldn't resist snapping a photo 
of this covered bridge in Woodstock.

 As well as this red covered bridge.
I had to use my iphone for this shot, 
since I brought the wrong lense on my camera.

I love this angle, also taken with the iphone.
 Next town over from Woodstock,
we found Quechee Gorge.
In contrast to the ghost town at Lake George,
this town was hopping with many tourists.

 Stunning views from the top,
and stunning views from the bottom.

Having a little fun taking selfies with my bestie.

Happy Kiss-a-versary sweetheart.
It was always BAM from the start.

We hiked from the bottom of the gorge
to check out the dam.
I had to stop and take a photo of this chapel,
along side of a gravesite, 
with a sign that read: 

Love this!

Sadly, it was our last day.
A great way to end our vacation in the fall.

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