Annual Holiday Open House Countdown

Here is my contribution to the annual Holiday Open house at my friend Deb's , for next weekend. This is where I begin to lay everything out, and give it one last look, before I pack it all away. I put new shelving up to display my crafts, and I wish I could just leave it all there......oh well.

Candles are painted, and rosehips secure (thank's for the Modge Podge tip Deb! Awesome!) The cello paper gives it a nice sparkle, finished off with a homespun tie.

Fat Head Ornies
I know, Halloween is over, but some folks like this kind of stuff all year.

Mini Raggedy Annie Makedo's and whimsey pumpkin heads too!

We musn't forget the Snowmen collectors!

What are they all looking at????

Bring on the Santas!

Mini Makedo's

A mini collection from Grungy to cute.

Spindle Santa Makedo's.

These dolls originally both had blonde hair. Then I remembered these 2 gals that came to the Collector's Eye Fall Festival. They each bought an angel doll because one had blonde hair, and one had dark hair. They enjoy purchasing similar things when they are together. Well, I remembered that Deb sent them an invite, and I thought I would change one doll to dark hair. I'm so wicked sometimes!

Well, everything is counted for in my inventory list. All items are tagged and put away. Now all I have to do is bake some brownies, and deliver in the next couple days. Next week, I will show pictures from the open house. I'm am sooooooooo ready. Maybe I'll manage to squeeze in another project before then...... I did say maybe! See you next week!


Primitive Santa Makedos

I'm finally getting around to using
the spindles I've had laying around.
These are the 2nd and 3rd finished Santa's
that I've been working on.

I have 4 days off from work,
and a big deadline for next weekend.
My friend Deb is having her annual open house,
and I will be bringing my makedos and dolls and
what ever else I manage to finish.

Tonight I think I will finish some really pretty
vanilla candles that I have painted some vines
and pip berries in Barn Red, and Gamal Green.

It's relaxing to paint a bit,
after working my fingers to the bone
with stuffing and sewing the makedos.

My fingers have become very stained
from making my dolls grungy!

Well I better get ready
for Thanksgiving dinner.
Prim Blessings to you!

Tomorrow it will be back to the
grindstone with making more dolls!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Primitive Makedo Dolls

Early Thanksgiving morning,
at the crack of dawn...
I crept to the basement,
as quiet as a mouse
Hoping not to disturb
those still sleeping
throughout the house.

Oh the joys of having a day off from work!

I have 3 more days to play!

Stay tuned!
I have a craft show next weekend,
and I'm going to be ready!


Snowball Nodder-head girlfriends

Miss Gollywog and Miss Pollywog
These snowball nodderheads embody the spirit
of two best friends who agree to disagree.

They are on opposite ends of the spectrum on most things;

Golly likes Hazelnut Coffee,
and Polly hates it.

Polly prefers unscented candles, and
Golly thinks the stronger the scent, the better!

Golly is on the dark side of primitive,
and Polly is most definitely NOT.

But their friendship has endured their differences over the years in a way, that really makes them more alike below the surface. Together they share strong values of love, devotion and loyalty to their family and friends.

For fun, they LOVE to find tag sales, never in competition for the same item. (go figure!). Conversations, via phone, cards and e-mail, are about quality, not quantity. Days or months can pass, and without question, each new encounter is like no time has passed.

Polly is living her dream of running a
collectibles/antiques shop not far from home
with the love of her life.

Sam is living her dream of selling her crafts
on line, and promoting "prim" to the world.

If you have one true friend,
you have more than your share.
~Thomas Fuller~

“The best kind of friend is the kind
you can sit on a porch and swing with,
never say a word, and then walk away
feeling like it was the best conversation
you've ever had.”

"Together forever, never apart.
Maybe in distance, but never in heart.”

My Friend,
my companion,
through good times and bad
my friend, my buddy,
through happy and sad,
beside me you stand,
beside me you walk,
you're there to listen,
you're there to talk,
with happiness, with smiles,
with pain and tears,
I know you'll be there,
throughout the years! ~
Author Unknown

I love you girlfriend!


Prim Santa Makedo

This was a fun project.
I struggled however with the grungy look.
I started with a stain concentrate that I sprayed on.
It was blotchy, and not quite right.
So I whipped up my stand by concoction of instant coffee, vanilla and cinnamon, and stained it again.

It always matters if you are using Osnaberg or Muslin.
This santa is made of muslin.
I actually have 15 bodies ready to be made into something.
I'm simply allowing myself to flow with the tide,
and not allow pressure on myself.
Stand by....anything can be mounted on these spindles.

My dear boyfriend cut the square bases for me.
They are so perfect for stabilizing.
Hopefully this Santa will be listed on eBay over the weekend. My final evaluation is that I actually like him. I hope you do too!
Thanks for looking!


Snowball Nodder Heads

This is my last project of the night.
Ready or not, the fair is tomorrow!

I had 6 heads started, but decided to call it quits after finishing 4! I have a holiday fair the first weekend in December, so I'll save them. I can see how these heads do first. Heck, maybe they won't sell at all, and I won't have to worry about it. I need to spruce up my site on Grapevine Hollow, so you might see these fella's there after the weekend! LOL!

I actually started out with a Sassafrass Hill Primitives pattern, but I'm terrible when it comes to following directions. I just get lost in my own little world, and I end up with something totally different. I have a tendencay to "go with the flow"!

I was a little irritated while working on these. Nothing felt like it was going right. The heads were top heavy on the springs, and I had a hard time securing the head to the springs. I like the end results though, and now everying is packed. I just have to bring it out to the car in the morning.

I saw red skies at sunset, which is usually a fisherman's delight.

Red Sky at night, Sailor's delight
Red Sky at morning, Sailor's take warning!

But I keep hearing we will get some heavy rains from the hurricane moving north. I'm sure that is the case, since we have a craft fair tomorrow. Do you suppose the folks will say in? I know I would want to stay in on a rainy day. ( my favorite crafting weather! ) But some folks get depressed staying in, and just go shopping or whatever. Hope that is the case tomorrow!

Well I better hit the sack. I'll get an easy 6 hours of sleep at least.

Stay tuned!


What is a make-do?

If you try to google this word, you won't get a definition. But if you use this word amoungst your prim friends; you will get a nod of understanding.

Let me show you my makedos!
First, I'll start with my Santa make-do. He is going to be listed on eBay (tomorrow) for the ATFP Santa launch.

I'm bringing this pilgrim couple to the craft fair on the 27th. When Tim saw them he said "They don't have faces?" Hee hee, that's right Tim.

I've had this make-do kicking around, because I couldn't decide how I was going to make her face. I think this works for now. I still think she needs something else. Maybe a hang tag?

These girls were really fun to make. I was a tom boy growing up and I honestly don't remember having dolls. I have 2 grown sons and did not have any girls.

I'm beginning to think I'm developing a doll fettish....

Remember Bernie? (the fathead pumpkin pattern from Crows Roost?) Well he's NOT a make-do. He's an Ornie. I'm pretty sure if you google "ornie" you won't get a description either. It's a prim thing.

Anyway, I decided I really didn't want to make 5 more Bernies.

I wanted make to more primitive looking ornies. I kept 2 orange, and I painted three of them ivory, to make fathead snowman ornies.

These guys on the ends will get scarves, hats, rusty jingle bells, and a rusty star like the guy pictured next....

Didn't this little ornie turn out "sweet"? I just love him. I'm going to list him today under the NEPG "Snowy Nights and Christmas Lights" launch. This launch will run for a week, so please check us out for some neat listings!

I just love my boyfriend. I asked him to put platforms on the bottoms of my spindles, to make them less wobbly. He did that, but decided they were too plain. So he finished off the edges, with a little router detail. Isn't he the best?

Stay tuned for my bigger make-dos. Do you get it now?