Niave Primitive Bust Doll

Meet Prudence!
My Newest One Of A Kind Creation.

Prudence was sewn with aged Osnaberg,
using a blend of Cinnamon, Coffee and Vanilla,
baked in the oven, and sanded til soft to the touch.

Sheeps Wool was needle felted to her head for a wispy look.

Her face was needle sculpted and vintage buttons became her eyes.

A single rusty bell on a wire became her necklace.

The letter "P" was embroidered to her chest, and an aged shawl
was wrapped around her shoulders for warmth.

A hang tag is pinned to her shawl with a rusty pin,
and it reads:

"The prudence of the best heads is often
defeated by the tenderness of the best hearts."
~Henry Fielding


In the embers shining bright,
A garden grows for thy delight.
With Roses yellow, red and white,
but O my child, beware! Beware!
Touch not the roses growing there,
For every rose a thorn doth bear.

~Richard Watson Gilder

Prudence was listed in my eBay auctions today. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks for visiting my blog. ~Sam