NEPG Launch - Fabric Swap

Well today is the big day to list our fabric swap projects.

Remember the post with the fabric I received?

Well instead of making one project with all the fabrics, I made 3 projects with each of the fabrics except one. If you would like to see the details, just click on my eBay link to "gollysam" over to the right nav bar, and you will go right to my listings.

I was sweating bullets the whole time, really not sure what direction I was going.
Now it's done!

Next week I have to come up with a witch or two for the Grapevine Hollow launch. Well I better get a move on.....while I got my mojo workin'.

Have a great day!


Cazzie!!! said...

The second and third images are just gorgeous :)

Cathy Nash said...

I love your creations! Thanks for the link to my website on your blog.
Best wishes!~Cathy Nash