She Bloomed!

I don't know what took this Sunflower so long to bloom!
AND, it's facing AWAY from the sun!
Go figure. Too bad the grass is brown.
It was a lush green in the spring.

Last night was a chilly night,
and fall weather is slowly creeping in.
On my way to work, and this sunflower
is staring me in the face.
I just could not resist running back
into the house for my camera.

I'm just tickled to see at least ONE sunflower in my garden.
It must be a small variety,
but I'm still happy.
The birds must have eaten the rest of the seeds!
Oh well, I'll try something different next year.


Cathy Nash said...

I just love sunflowers! I had some this year that danced to a different tune also.

Thanks for the link on your blog--
Cathy Nash

shweetpotato said...

What a gorgeous picture, Im lovin your blog :D Carm