Sugar Mold

I listed this sugar mold today on eBay for the
AB4B "Crow in the Cornfield" Launch.

I love the antique look achieved by painting a light base color.
Sanding and dry brushing black.
I painted a layer of Glaze Medium with a Dark Brown (6:1).
Very gently, I laid a terry cloth towel, pressing firmly,
and slowly lifted the towel trying not to smear.

I then splattered some black specs.

This is a Relfections of the Past pattern by
Cynthia Erekson of the Quilted Acorn Shoppe.

It's painted in a very primitive folk art style.
I really like how it came out.

I tried to find some info on sugar molds,
and didn't have much luck.
Found this great photo however!

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Rose said...

Wow, these are lovely. I wish I were that talented.