What is a make-do?

If you try to google this word, you won't get a definition. But if you use this word amoungst your prim friends; you will get a nod of understanding.

Let me show you my makedos!
First, I'll start with my Santa make-do. He is going to be listed on eBay (tomorrow) for the ATFP Santa launch.

I'm bringing this pilgrim couple to the craft fair on the 27th. When Tim saw them he said "They don't have faces?" Hee hee, that's right Tim.

I've had this make-do kicking around, because I couldn't decide how I was going to make her face. I think this works for now. I still think she needs something else. Maybe a hang tag?

These girls were really fun to make. I was a tom boy growing up and I honestly don't remember having dolls. I have 2 grown sons and did not have any girls.

I'm beginning to think I'm developing a doll fettish....

Remember Bernie? (the fathead pumpkin pattern from Crows Roost?) Well he's NOT a make-do. He's an Ornie. I'm pretty sure if you google "ornie" you won't get a description either. It's a prim thing.

Anyway, I decided I really didn't want to make 5 more Bernies.

I wanted make to more primitive looking ornies. I kept 2 orange, and I painted three of them ivory, to make fathead snowman ornies.

These guys on the ends will get scarves, hats, rusty jingle bells, and a rusty star like the guy pictured next....

Didn't this little ornie turn out "sweet"? I just love him. I'm going to list him today under the NEPG "Snowy Nights and Christmas Lights" launch. This launch will run for a week, so please check us out for some neat listings!

I just love my boyfriend. I asked him to put platforms on the bottoms of my spindles, to make them less wobbly. He did that, but decided they were too plain. So he finished off the edges, with a little router detail. Isn't he the best?

Stay tuned for my bigger make-dos. Do you get it now?