Annual Holiday Open House Countdown

Here is my contribution to the annual Holiday Open house at my friend Deb's , for next weekend. This is where I begin to lay everything out, and give it one last look, before I pack it all away. I put new shelving up to display my crafts, and I wish I could just leave it all there......oh well.

Candles are painted, and rosehips secure (thank's for the Modge Podge tip Deb! Awesome!) The cello paper gives it a nice sparkle, finished off with a homespun tie.

Fat Head Ornies
I know, Halloween is over, but some folks like this kind of stuff all year.

Mini Raggedy Annie Makedo's and whimsey pumpkin heads too!

We musn't forget the Snowmen collectors!

What are they all looking at????

Bring on the Santas!

Mini Makedo's

A mini collection from Grungy to cute.

Spindle Santa Makedo's.

These dolls originally both had blonde hair. Then I remembered these 2 gals that came to the Collector's Eye Fall Festival. They each bought an angel doll because one had blonde hair, and one had dark hair. They enjoy purchasing similar things when they are together. Well, I remembered that Deb sent them an invite, and I thought I would change one doll to dark hair. I'm so wicked sometimes!

Well, everything is counted for in my inventory list. All items are tagged and put away. Now all I have to do is bake some brownies, and deliver in the next couple days. Next week, I will show pictures from the open house. I'm am sooooooooo ready. Maybe I'll manage to squeeze in another project before then...... I did say maybe! See you next week!


KreativeMix said...

wowwwwwwwwwww!!! these are fabulous!!!!

The Samstress said...

Welcome to Gollywobbles Kreativemix!

I followed your link to your blog, and I think it's awesome! I have added you to my favorites. I especially love your playlist!

Sam Johnson

Cathy Nash said...

Love the snowmen ornaments!