Prim Santa Makedo

This was a fun project.
I struggled however with the grungy look.
I started with a stain concentrate that I sprayed on.
It was blotchy, and not quite right.
So I whipped up my stand by concoction of instant coffee, vanilla and cinnamon, and stained it again.

It always matters if you are using Osnaberg or Muslin.
This santa is made of muslin.
I actually have 15 bodies ready to be made into something.
I'm simply allowing myself to flow with the tide,
and not allow pressure on myself.
Stand by....anything can be mounted on these spindles.

My dear boyfriend cut the square bases for me.
They are so perfect for stabilizing.
Hopefully this Santa will be listed on eBay over the weekend. My final evaluation is that I actually like him. I hope you do too!
Thanks for looking!

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