Snowball Nodder Heads

This is my last project of the night.
Ready or not, the fair is tomorrow!

I had 6 heads started, but decided to call it quits after finishing 4! I have a holiday fair the first weekend in December, so I'll save them. I can see how these heads do first. Heck, maybe they won't sell at all, and I won't have to worry about it. I need to spruce up my site on Grapevine Hollow, so you might see these fella's there after the weekend! LOL!

I actually started out with a Sassafrass Hill Primitives pattern, but I'm terrible when it comes to following directions. I just get lost in my own little world, and I end up with something totally different. I have a tendencay to "go with the flow"!

I was a little irritated while working on these. Nothing felt like it was going right. The heads were top heavy on the springs, and I had a hard time securing the head to the springs. I like the end results though, and now everying is packed. I just have to bring it out to the car in the morning.

I saw red skies at sunset, which is usually a fisherman's delight.

Red Sky at night, Sailor's delight
Red Sky at morning, Sailor's take warning!

But I keep hearing we will get some heavy rains from the hurricane moving north. I'm sure that is the case, since we have a craft fair tomorrow. Do you suppose the folks will say in? I know I would want to stay in on a rainy day. ( my favorite crafting weather! ) But some folks get depressed staying in, and just go shopping or whatever. Hope that is the case tomorrow!

Well I better hit the sack. I'll get an easy 6 hours of sleep at least.

Stay tuned!

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Cathy Nash said...

Cute, cute springy snowmen!
You have indeed been busy~