Snowmen Shakers on textile bobbins

I love snowmen, and making
these little guys was a blast.
All made the same, and all
very different personalities.

My mom rummaged through my recycle bin
to save the blue bottles. I'm glad she did.

I love the hollow green glass candlesticks.
They are perfect stands for shakers.

The blue bottles really makes the blue glass eyes pop!

This gal is another one of my discarded projects,
that took on a totally new direction.

A year ago, I made spindle santas and dolls,
and this body never made it. So it was abandoned.

The cloak didn't fit the body,
or any body for that matter.

I decided to wire her arms, and loved the
shape they took, and one thing led to another.

I found a string of bulbs, and pulled out a
feather tree from the garage...and
a little blush, sheeps wool for the hair,
vintage pearl buttons, and pearl brooch,
clove eyes and painted lips...
and another project done. LOL!

Ok, so I've been burning the midnight oil
getting ready for a craft fair....
you gotta have some fun don't ya think?

Come join me at the fair~


Newman and Laddie

Luckily I have a 3-day weekend off from work.
It's been a hectic week.
Started with my mom being
admitted to the hospital,
and spent 3 nights there.
I was supposed to go away
for the weekend, and attend a
fair in Searsport Me.

It wasn't meant to be.
(my 2nd no-show fair this season)

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball,
and you just have to roll with it.

I cancelled the fair, and spent time with mom.
Once I knew she was snug and cozy in her home,
I settled into my studio looking for
something to spark an interest.

Well I had this really cute pattern from
Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head,
sitting in a basket with some
festive halloween fabric.

I had really good intentions to make a
pumpkin head like Julius Bump, but time
got away from me.....

So.... I have this really cool White
virgin wool, and it was soooo yummy
to work with.

Since I was behind the 8-ball for a
halloween project, I'm ahead of the
game with snowmen.

I made Newman in a really cool suit
with coat tails. He has lavender buds
in his head and hands. His flannel
clothes were bathed in a spicy oil
scent, and dried in the sun. His arms
and legs are wired, making him very
flexible for posing. I didn't dare
to distress the wool for this project.
The wool was too costly to mess with,
but I might try a tiny experiment...

I made a shaker head named Laddie,
mounted on a green textile bobbin.
He sits in this tall
green glass candlestick that makes a
perfect display stand.

Well, I do have a fair coming up
on November 1st...so I better whip
up some santas too!

Thanks for looking!


Primitive Folk Art Santa Pillow

I originally intended this painting
to be a wall banner,
using a pattern by Katrina Roncin.

It looked so plain when finished,
and I didn't feel like adding
some christmas slogan or title....
so I just set it aside.

Then I accidently spilled a drop of
brush cleaner on one of the corners,
and had to trim all the edges.

I didn't want to discard it....
and happened to be organizing some
fabric when it hit me.
A pillow!!!

I have this yummy homespun, that I
thought had great potential for
making this pillow. I first pre-washed
the fabric adding some scented oil in a
cinnamon and clove scent.
It smells so darn good!

A few rusty bells, and voila!

A OOAK pillow.
I have added this item for sale
in my WSOAPP shoppe.


Halloween Prims

I painted this witch using a pattern by Susie Saunders back in 1996. I used to visit her shop in the Heart of Byfield. When I needed inspiration I could visit her shop, and feel her energy. She also had beautiful gardens, and loved to give tours.

She has passed on now, and I miss her, and her lovely shop.

Suzy was a fast painter, and she used Jo Sonya paints and her patterns often called for the use of retarder. She also liked to blend her paints to achieve a certain color. That is a challenge for me. I decided to try this pattern again, except this time, I simply used a wash of water to blend my paints. I am very pleased with how this witch turned out.

I chose to paint on a canvas that I hemmed all the edges with my sewing machine. I left a wider hem at the top to insert a dowel. I couldn't take a picture that didn't give off a glare from the polyurethane finish. The colors are so rich and vivid from using Jo Sonya paints.

She is currently for sale on my WSOAPP shoppe!

This cute little pumpkin gal was made using a Veena's Mercantile pattern, found in the current issue of Mercantile Gatherings. The instructions were to enlarge the pattern. I'm not certain I enlarged it enough, but I do like the size of this doll.

I put black sheer pantaloons on her, and just love how she turned out! She is for sale on my WSOAPP shoppe as well! I hope you will take a peek at all of my friend's shoppes on WSOAPP. You will find some incredible OOAK offerings. I am so honored to be a part of this extremely talented group.

Thanks for peeking!


I Love Terrye French patterns!

After a year of not painting, I find Terrye French's patterns so refreshing! I feel like I am on a roll. Now if I could just get a few days off from work...(grin).

Having oodles of canvas to work with,
I plan on making a ton of door greeter-

This is an adorable Santa design!

I love her designs so much,
I decided to translate this one
in needlepunch!

I love it!

I find keeping the dimensions within my gripper frame
creates a nice sized pillow tuck.

I recently purchased this multi light colored
wool yarn in Searsport, and it was perfect
for this snow scene on denim.

Today I finished a Maxine Thomas pattern on
a canvas banner, and it's drying at the moment.
It will be a perfect accent for a teacher's
classroom or office. I can't wait to present it.

My next project will be a primitive pumpkin Jack.
I painted this a while ago on a pelt board, and
think it will be cool as a long skinny door banner.
I hope it will be finished by next weekend. It's
a long holiday weekend, and I am so ready!
Labor Day means the tourists will go home,
and we can have our ocean back.
Bring on Indian Summer!

See you then~ Thanks for visiting!


I'm Painting again!!!

Some time ago,
I purchased a ton of Terrye French patterns....
Put them in a binder....
looked at them over and over again.....
and finally I did it.

I dragged out my paints and brushes,
and found this plate,
and painted this Harvest Thyme scene.

I didn't stop there.....

I have a HUGE bolt of canvas,
and thought I would attempt this cute halloween scene.
I was going to paint this pattern a year ago, when I was
painting with my dear friend Janis Tomlin.
Her shop burned down,
and I just never made it back.

Anyway, I got brave, and I have to admit,
it was so much fun painting on this canvas.
It's truly my style, and I will definitely be doing more.

His teeth are way too white, since I forgot to shade a little there. I will add a coat of polyurethene, and some antiquing, and I think it will warm it up some.

I really, really love this pattern from Quaint Folk Primitives. The designer is from Australia I believe, and I purchased the pattern from Pattern Mart.

I don't usually enjoy doing a pattern more than once right away, but for some reason, I really enjoyed doing this one again, not once, by 3 times! One of these will be a Halloween Swap gift, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, she doesn't decide to check me out! OK, I'll say no more....or I'll just ruin it.

I really enjoy doing needlepunch, and I wanted to do something with orange and black, and attempted this OHIO star pattern. I love against this really plush black wool. I wish I remembered who I ordered this wool from. I would love some more!!!
It's heavenly to work with.

I was inspired to do this pillow tuck after receive an e-mail from a gal I know. She belongs to a local Arts Committee, and invited me to particpate in their upcoming Fine Fiber Fest. You can enter up to 4 items, that will be displayed for 5 weekends in a large light filled gallery in town. Your item(s) may be purchased. The deadline to enter is Sept 5th.

I think pillow tucks such as these are small enough projects, with an affordable price range. I also have 3 craft fairs that I have committed to, (Sept, Oct, and Nov), so I have a tight schedule. I'll think about it some more, but right now I have a canvas drying with it's first layer of base coat.....I'm going to paint a primitive santa today....so stay tuned!


Primitive Needlepunch Pillow Tuck

"Summer Garden"
This pillow was created using a pattern by
Lacey Jane Primitives,
found in a Create a Decorate magazine.

I decided to reduce the pattern intended for rug
hooking and use it for a needle punch project.

I finished punching the design in 3 days,
with minor distractions.

Toby, my new kitty decided,
he really likes my gripper frame.
He looks snug as a bug here doesen't he?

At the rate he is eating, he won't
fit here very long.

Finished in the frame.

The back side sometimes looks as good as the front.

Preparing for the walnut crystal "bath".

The finished design was stitched to some
yummy sage green wool I purchased from
Skip To My Ewe on eBay.

I stitched around the design with 100%
wool yarn, and linen thread.

The pillow tuck is filled with a combination
of Sheep's Wool, flax seed, and a generous
portion of lavender buds.

It smells heavenly when squeezed~
Thanks for looking~!


Halloween OOAK Black Cat Needlepunch Pillow Tuck

My launch project is finished!

Today begins our "Autumn Colors of New England" Launch
with my New England Primitive Gathering group on eBay. This NEPG launch will run for one week.

My design was inspired by a note received from fellow member, Joyce. It was a cute couple of whimsical black cats on an orange background.

I drew a similar single black cat, and embellished the border with some candy corn, and the word "BOO". I punched the design with 6-strand floss over weaver's cloth using a gripper frame and locking hoop.

I soaked it in walnut crystals, to soften the colors, and stitched the design to some black wool, using linen and wool yarn. Four rusty bells are attached to each corner.

This pillow was stuffed with 100% soft sheep's wool and a generous scoop of lavender and measures 6 1/2" x 8".

I will have a very hard time parting with this one!


Makedos - sneak peek

Tomorrow I have 2 makedo's to list on eBay.

The bird is my entry
for the "bird challenge"
with my NEPG group,
using a Sassafrass Hill Primitives pattern.

When I began these projects, I had no
idea they would end up as makedos.
I had no vision.
I allowed the project to speak to me.

First the bird was tentatively going on
a spring, just as pictured in the pattern.
For the heck of it, I spied this spindle,
and I couldn't resist. It was perfect.

I had no idea, it would serve as a pinkeep.
But it seemed too plain without other birds
to add as a grouping.

The strawberry, was a sample I purchased and
was going to use as a pattern to make more.
Well, my "to-do" list is very long,
and since I haven't made them yet,
this strawberry was going on the bird!

WSOAPP is having a launch as well, and
this month's theme is Halloween Parade.

This pumpkin head, was going to be a doll.
I lost interest, and cast the head aside....
Then, it occurred to me it was a perfect shape
for a pumpkin head makedo.

I just so happened to have another spindle nearby.
The hat was supposed to be painted muslin. But
I had some remnant felted wool, and thought I
would experiment. I liked the end result.

The ruffle was originally long, and was going
to be like an underskirt to some green fabric.
I was playing with the ruffle, and thought
I really liked it tucked up inside.

It needed some color, so I attached a bit of
orange tinsel. I remembered I had some extra
candy corn ornies, and with a rusty bell,
made the perfect neck adornment.

I used a black complimentary cotton fabric
that was perfect for the hat band,
and finis~! I really like him.

I can't wait to see what else is listed
tomorrow. I hope you will join me!


Primitive Woodland Witch

Well it's been a crazy month with proms,
graduations, weekend visitors, gardening,
water leaks, website re-design and parties!
No time for creating,
but I did mange to squeek this one out!
I can be very anal sometimes! LOL!

Anyway, I named her Ruth.
She has an uncanny resemblance to someone in my life.
To those that know me, can you guess who she is?

I loved making this doll.
She was a lot of fun to create.
Another one of those creations that
simply takes it's own course.

She is a crow-whisperer!
Has anyone come up with that one yet?

I listed her on ebay tonight.
Now, hopefully things will quiet down a little
around here, and I can get down to business!

Well, there is still the 4th of July to get through!
And my baby kitty will be coming home.
I'm sure he will keep me preoccupied for a while!!!

New Deck Furniture and flowers too!

We finally put these chairs and
table out on the deck! Aren't they gorgeous?

Tim's original plan was to make them to sell?


I begged him please, can we keep them?

He surrendered, and I just love them!

I also put some potted plants on the deck.

There's no place like home!


Happy Birthday Nettie

Today, I honor my mother!
She is holding my soon to be adopted kitty.
Tobias (Tobey) was abandoned, and is being
bottle fed by my BF's daughter....

Moe is taking care of Tobias until he
is ready to leave the Animal Shelter...

Nettie fell in love at first sight!
Happy Birthday Mom.
I love you with all my heart!

I can't wait to for Tobias to come home!