Gertie and Emma Jean

I used a cute pattern from Chestnut Junction to create these gals, and I know everyone has their own opinion about making someone else's pattern; especially when it comes to giving credit, and taking credit for your own spin.

It's my policy to ALWAYS give credit to the pattern designer. But, I have a hard time making it EXACTLY the same as the designer. I respect their wishes if they don't want the pattern altered, but I won't buy their pattern again. I never did like walking on thin ice, and I don't want to take the chance of offending someone that fussy. Enough said.

Half the time, I don't read the directions, because I'm more of a visual person. When I begin to create something, I just go with the flow. I may have overbaked, oversanded, undercut....but I don't let it sway me. I just have to take a different approach. When I relax, and just let it happen, I always end up with something I didn't vision, and most of the time, I'm pleasantly surprised.

Emma Jean

I cut out 2 patterns at the same time. I stitched their faces so that they would have their own personality. I used the same stain solution; Emma Jean was first, then Gertie. By the time I got to Gertie, I was getting down to the sludge. So when Gertie was baked, she looked a little more "worn".


I liked Emma Jean better, so I started with her dress first.

I had already distressed some muslin, and I liked the aged, crinkly effect. So chose to make her dress with that. I had a strip of homespun that was too short compared to the one in the pattern. So I decided to just tie a knot at her neck.

Her dress needed a little something, so I ripped a small strip of homespun, tied it in a knot. Made two small bows and liked how it brought out the scarf. So I secured them with two buttons.
I liked it!

I wanted to make Gertie with a lot of contrast, so I chose a brown plaid homespun, but I thought it needed something extra. Cindy Conrad(Pywackitprimitives) from my WSOAPP group, recently told me how to make a rosette. (Now SHE can make a doll!!) I struggled with my first one, and it was a disaster. My next one came out better. So I attached it to the dress with a button. She STILL needed something. I had a strip of crocheted lace that I had distressed, and I liked how it looked at the neckline.


Lucy ~ Libby ~ Hazel

I love little ornies, so I made these little gals along side Gertie and Emma Jean. I have to figure out a way to attach their arms so they aren't permanently outstretched to the heavens! I still think they are kind of cute.

~ Wally ~

I have a little confession on this one.

I started out by cutting out the head section of a Jenn Steffa pattern. Well, once he was stuffed, button eyes attached, and floss stitched to create his nose, (this part felt like it took forever!) he resembled NOTHING like the pattern. So I feel a little embarrassed to even bring it up.

He DID look like a Koala bear however.

So here is where "GO WITH THE FLOW" comes in. I decided he was too small for the wooden textile bobbin I originally had in mind. I chose a tall skinny bobbin instead. I learned from a pattern I purchased from Pea Pickers Primitives how to insert the fatter end into the head. I used a little Elmer's glue, and propped the head upside down for the day, as I head out to work.

When I got home, there was a ring of glue that seeped through the fabric, and if I had waited a little longer, he would have been glued to my table. Dang it!
So that is when I decided he was going to wear a party hat. I used this fabric earlier on another makedo named "Romeo" that I sold recently on eBay, and I hate duplicating, but I really LOVE this fabric.

Since he doesn't stand up on his own, He will be a "Makedo Shaker". He will actually come with his own crock, to rest in, when he's not in use.

I was going to list him on Ebay yesterday, and got a little intimidated, when another member listed a gorgeous Mohair Bear on an oil can. I didn't want her to think I was copying her style. So I'm thinking I'll save him til next week to put on eBay, or maybe I'll just pop in on my website......hmmmmm....

I thought I would take a family photo before I pack Midge and Lilly's bags. They were adopted on eBay. Faith belongs to my mom, so I borrowed her for the photoshoot. Sadie wasn't adopted on eBay, so she will hang out on my website for awhile. That leaves Gertie, Emma Jean, Lucy, Hazel and Libby up for eBay adoption.

Thanks for taking an interest in my gals. I have 2 sons, and no daughters. I never had a sister, and my brothers all have boys. I just have this fetish to have girls around. It's so much fun naming them. The hardest part is getting attached, and saying goodbye.

Have a nice day!


Primitive Dolls with Linen dresses!

Sadie ~ Olyvia ~ Lilly ~ Midge

Today was a doll-making-listing-on-eBay
marathon kind of day!

Some folks do this kind of thing all the time,
but I move a little slow having a full-time job.


I loved this linen with the yellow border
with some cutwork and embroidery.

I found a pair of sparkly earrings, that
I created to be a broach for Sadie's dress.

I twisted some sheep's wool together,
and stitched it to her head.


Her dress is a beautiful linen
with white-on-white embroidery
with a scalloped hem.

She is smaller than the others,
and has a rusty halo, and wings.

She also has a silver heart shaped
button at the neckline of her dress.


I couldn't get the pictures to truly show
the beautiful rose damask design on this linen.

A simple pearly white button was attached
below the neckline.

Her hair is a dark brown wool,
that was untangled and stitched to her head.

Their sister Olyvia was adopted today, so she
sat for a group photo before she moves on
to be with her new family.

(Snif, Snif!) I will miss her,
as she was my first doll in my series
of prim dolls with linen dresses.

Maybe next weekend I can get a leap on frogs!
Stay Tuned!
I could be on a roll.....

Primitive Angel Ornies

Up for adoption
Hannah ~ Rebeckah ~ Sarah
Three gentle spirits
dedicated to bring joy to your home.

Bodies are made of Osnaberg
That has been scented with cinnamon
and primitively aged.
Each ornie is a stump body
with nubby hands sewn into the sleeves.

Their noses have been needle sculpted,
and they have vintage pearly white buttons
for their eyes.

Dresses are made of white hankies,
with a beautiful scalloped hem
and remain white
for that "prim and pristine" look.

Each angel measures 7" from halo to hem.
Also measures about 5" in arms length.

A rusty halo is placed on each head
and a rusty heart and wings are attached.

These Primitive angel ornies are offered as a set.
They can be placed on a shelf,
on your desk, hutch, or drysink.

Tuck them in your year-round ornie tree!
They would make a lovely valentine gift too!
(if you are at a loss for ideas that is....)
Ornies are great gifts
for your sister, mom, daughters or friend!

I am offering these ornies in a 7-day
auction on eBay today~.


The Big Launch Day - WSOAPP

This is my 1st offering for today's launch

A Primitive Valentine Heart Makedo...

One Heart made of red striped ticking fabric
heavily aged with a scented stain
secured to a rusty spring.

A small rusty jingle bell is sewn
to the bottom tip.

The heart is wrapped in scented & aged cheesecloth
with a vintage photo of a loved one long gone,
and a music sheet with the notes to
"My Funny Valentine".

Treasured keepsakes are secured with a large
rusty safety pin and and key
and a sprig of Sweet Annie for accent.

A large distressed hang tag
with a valentine message
"Love Token to My Valentine"
and a lite sprinkle of glitter
also secured with a large safety
pin completes the makedo
for gift giving.

This auction will end next Sunday, January 12th.
Special thanks to Veena's Mercantile
for the use of this pattern.

If this is a successful auction,
I will consider listing
these other makedos as well....

If not, they will go on
my website, or will be offered to my
friend Lynn, to place in her shop...


Be My Prim Valentine

Last year about this time,
I was getting my feet wet on eBay.

I totally missed my Anniversary date
of December 22nd! Where does the time go?

What I did not realize then,
is that eBay tends to run
2 months ahead of schedule!

That means, we have barely put our
Christmas decorations away,
and Jane Q public wants to
buy Valentines already!!!

It took me a while to figure out
a way to keep up with that trend.

As you can see, I have already
started on my valentines this year,
but don't hold your breath....

Shamrocks and Bunnies are on it's heels!

Check back here to tomorrow to take
a peek at my offerings for a group
Launch titled "Be My Prim Valentine"
with eBay Group called

Whispered Secrets of a Primitive Past

I promise, you will not be disappointed
with the quality of work these gals
create, and they make it so look
so darn easy while they are at it!

Well, I better get back to work.
I have way too much to do,
and so little time to do it!


Gollywobbles ~ First 2008 eBay Listing

Age*Before*Beauty~Heart Filled Home Launch

This auction is for one
Primitive Needlepunch Valentine Box
and 3 primitive Valentine Hang Tags

A whimsy Heart punched in 6-strand floss
over weaver's cloth
using non-traditional drab colors of
mustard, cream, pewter and black.

Heart was stitched to matching contrast cotton,
finished off with a lace trim,
gently distressed with a stain concentrate,
and filled with a light padding
of clean and soft sheep's wool.

The lid top was distressed with black and some sienna.
The bottom box includes an additional layer of sienna
to bring out the drab mustard color of the lid.

Heart punched design is attached
by an old vintage button
to a distressed paper mache box.

The box measures 8" in diameter,
and about 4 1/2" tall
(including the height of padding).
Painted a solid black on the inside.

3 large hang tags have been distressed.
3 different valentine graphics purchased from
Lakebears on eBay
is modge podged to the tag
with a sprinkling of glitter.
Each tag is enclosed in a protective sleeve.

These tags may be attached to your valentine gifts
with your valentine sentiments written on the back.
The box is ideal for many uses
including a safe spot for YOUR special valentines!

Click on my eBay link to the right to see more
about this listing.

Thanks for peeking!

Primitive and Pristine

I am easily distracted.

I began working on a doll pattern
from Chestnut Junction.
It was supposed to be a snow angel.....

I had some linens that were hanging
in my closet, and I kept wondering how
they would look as a dress for my dolls.

I decided to make three doll sizes,
and for my large doll,
dressed her in a damask linen.

The medium doll fit perfect for
a white-on-white embroidered linen.

Hankies or napkins were sized just right
for my small ornie sized dolls.

All the dolls have a rusty halo.
The little dolls have a rusty wing
sewn on the back,
and do not have legs.
Little hands were sewn into the sleeves.

On the larger dolls,
I used scraps from the fabric
to sew a wing for the back.

My new valentine angel dolls.
I love distraction!