The Big Launch Day - WSOAPP

This is my 1st offering for today's launch

A Primitive Valentine Heart Makedo...

One Heart made of red striped ticking fabric
heavily aged with a scented stain
secured to a rusty spring.

A small rusty jingle bell is sewn
to the bottom tip.

The heart is wrapped in scented & aged cheesecloth
with a vintage photo of a loved one long gone,
and a music sheet with the notes to
"My Funny Valentine".

Treasured keepsakes are secured with a large
rusty safety pin and and key
and a sprig of Sweet Annie for accent.

A large distressed hang tag
with a valentine message
"Love Token to My Valentine"
and a lite sprinkle of glitter
also secured with a large safety
pin completes the makedo
for gift giving.

This auction will end next Sunday, January 12th.
Special thanks to Veena's Mercantile
for the use of this pattern.

If this is a successful auction,
I will consider listing
these other makedos as well....

If not, they will go on
my website, or will be offered to my
friend Lynn, to place in her shop...

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nen said...

I love your creations! So sweet!