Primitive and Pristine

I am easily distracted.

I began working on a doll pattern
from Chestnut Junction.
It was supposed to be a snow angel.....

I had some linens that were hanging
in my closet, and I kept wondering how
they would look as a dress for my dolls.

I decided to make three doll sizes,
and for my large doll,
dressed her in a damask linen.

The medium doll fit perfect for
a white-on-white embroidered linen.

Hankies or napkins were sized just right
for my small ornie sized dolls.

All the dolls have a rusty halo.
The little dolls have a rusty wing
sewn on the back,
and do not have legs.
Little hands were sewn into the sleeves.

On the larger dolls,
I used scraps from the fabric
to sew a wing for the back.

My new valentine angel dolls.
I love distraction!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Happy New Year!!
Hope you have a blessed 2008~


Cazzie!!! said...

So lovely to come over and see your creations..happy new year Sam :)