Primitive Angel Ornies

Up for adoption
Hannah ~ Rebeckah ~ Sarah
Three gentle spirits
dedicated to bring joy to your home.

Bodies are made of Osnaberg
That has been scented with cinnamon
and primitively aged.
Each ornie is a stump body
with nubby hands sewn into the sleeves.

Their noses have been needle sculpted,
and they have vintage pearly white buttons
for their eyes.

Dresses are made of white hankies,
with a beautiful scalloped hem
and remain white
for that "prim and pristine" look.

Each angel measures 7" from halo to hem.
Also measures about 5" in arms length.

A rusty halo is placed on each head
and a rusty heart and wings are attached.

These Primitive angel ornies are offered as a set.
They can be placed on a shelf,
on your desk, hutch, or drysink.

Tuck them in your year-round ornie tree!
They would make a lovely valentine gift too!
(if you are at a loss for ideas that is....)
Ornies are great gifts
for your sister, mom, daughters or friend!

I am offering these ornies in a 7-day
auction on eBay today~.


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

My, my, my ~ haven't you been a busy girl! And such lovely creations. They are darling and could not be more perfect! Your work is inspiring!


andraswhimsies said...

they are soooo cute!!!! Great job!!!!I like how the top 2 look like they are waving :) Don't know if that was on purpose or not.....

and nice snowmen ornies.... hmmm wonder where they came from ;)