Primitive Dolls with Linen dresses!

Sadie ~ Olyvia ~ Lilly ~ Midge

Today was a doll-making-listing-on-eBay
marathon kind of day!

Some folks do this kind of thing all the time,
but I move a little slow having a full-time job.


I loved this linen with the yellow border
with some cutwork and embroidery.

I found a pair of sparkly earrings, that
I created to be a broach for Sadie's dress.

I twisted some sheep's wool together,
and stitched it to her head.


Her dress is a beautiful linen
with white-on-white embroidery
with a scalloped hem.

She is smaller than the others,
and has a rusty halo, and wings.

She also has a silver heart shaped
button at the neckline of her dress.


I couldn't get the pictures to truly show
the beautiful rose damask design on this linen.

A simple pearly white button was attached
below the neckline.

Her hair is a dark brown wool,
that was untangled and stitched to her head.

Their sister Olyvia was adopted today, so she
sat for a group photo before she moves on
to be with her new family.

(Snif, Snif!) I will miss her,
as she was my first doll in my series
of prim dolls with linen dresses.

Maybe next weekend I can get a leap on frogs!
Stay Tuned!
I could be on a roll.....


Robin said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your dollies !!!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

So fun, and I really like the 3 angels too.