Sneaky Pete ~ Rabbit with attitude!

This is my bunny with attitude.
He just turned out looking like this.
So I thought He looked like a Sneaky Pete!

I used a pattern from Gloria Lowell.
I didn't like his ears stuffed with polyfill.
So I cut out some canvas and stuffed his ears.
I loved it!

Well I had some stitches that were
obvious, so I thought I would hide
them with a little wool roving!

The pattern also had a body with arms,
and it was stuffed in a rusty spring.
That didn't work for me.

So the head just layed around,
for a couple days anyway.
I kept picking the head up,
and thought should I make wings?
What would it look like if I stuck
a textile bobbin inside?
Maybe I could attach a wire,
and make it an ornie.....
Nothing clicked.

So I went to the Log Cabin Antiques
shop yesterday, and bought two
potato mashers.
All of a sudden, it clicked!!!
I could attach the head to the
potato masher. Voila!

My eyes strayed to a piece of fabric
that I sewed to be a body or something
and it was just abandoned.

NOTHING goes to waste.
I just modified it to be a band behind
the bunnies head.

And the wool roving?
I also used some for his nose and
mouth details. I love this stuff!

Stay tuned for more bunnies with 'tude!

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