Ruby & Mrs. Bee

I had so much fun making Queen Bee last weekend,
that I had to make a couple more this weekend.

This is such a fun pattern from Tonya
of Back Porch Pickins

This is RUBY in vibrant poppy red
and sunshine yellow colors!

Isn't she fun and sassy!
My friend Dianne suggested
my dolls were sassy today.
I like it!

I confess, I did not do eye lids!

I have to say how much I LOVE working with Tulle.

Mrs. Bee is a little different that Queen Bee.
I changed her hat,
and she has a silver frog on her cape,
and pearl beads from a dismantled pearl necklace.
(an antique shopping find!)

You will probably find Mrs. Bee on my website
and my etsy site.

Have a great week!
Now I have a mess to clean up. LOL!


Primitive Folk Art Fairie Queen Bee

In spite of Easter weekend
I managed to create this little Queen Bee

from a Whimsical Fairie pattern by
Back Porch Pickens

She was a delight to create.
Just a little bitty thing
after the 2 large dolls I finished
for the WSOAPP fabric swap.

It was my first time using toille.
I am so far from being a girly-girl,
and using toille was a new experience.

I think there will be more fairies in my future!

This little pretty was just listed on eBay.


WSOAPP - Fabric Swap

Today is fabric swap launch with the eBay group
Whispered Secrets of a Primitive past.

The idea was to purchase 2 yards of a fabric.
Cut it in half, and send one yard to your secret partner.

I received this cherry print on a white background,
wrapped with the red satin ribbon with polka dots,
from my secret swap partner.

I don't normally purchase bright fabric.
I found this cherry print on a black background
and thought it would look good together
with the fabric I received.

I threw in a little red/white stripe for color,
and used that for the bloomers.

As a little something extra, I made a clutch purse
out of the same fabric,
(it makes an awesome cosmetic bag).

This doll turned out to be my "sassy" girl.
I named her CHER.
I decided she was a Conga dancer,
and made her bow into a sort of a headdress.

I purchased this navy fabric.
It had a subtle polka dot print, with
red flower berries, and green stems.

For contrast, I used vintage damask linen.
The center panel has a scalloped edge,
with white-on-white embroidery.

I also made a little clutch purse with the navy fabric.

I named this pouty little thing DOLLY MADISON.
It was just Madison, until I happened to catch
a program about former President Madison.
His wife's name was Dolly.
She was the first known official "First Lady".

Making these dolls didn't come easy.
I had to allow my self time to let them evolve.

I'm learning if I allow myself the time to be more patient,
I yield better results.

I had fun. That is what really counts!
Now don't forget to check out our launch listings.
It will be fun to match up partners.



Primitive Needlepunch Pinkeep
I punched this whimsy flower design
(randomly created by me)
using 6-strand floss over weaver's cloth.

I stuffed sand in muslin, and glued to
the inside of a zinc mason lid.

I love the pinkeep I purchased from
Primitive Betty, and I just keep my
long doll needles in it so I can find
them when I want them.

My stem looked a little odd,
until I attached that pearl button.

I dredged it in some leftover
cinnamon, vanilla and coffee mixture.

I'm pleased with the result.

Ginger and Lonnie

I made these bunnies using a pattern
from "Prims by Kim".
I love her stuff!
My bunnies don't compare to her quality work.
She makes it look so easy!

I have a linen fetish,
so I used 2 different linens for these bunnies.

I originally was making Ginger for my
NEPG Launch
Bunnies, Birdies and Blossoms, Oh MY!
I decided to list Lonnie instead.

Each doll is wearing a broach.
Lonnie's broach cost 50 cents
from an antique shop.

My dear friend Polly gifted me
with Ginger's pin.
(Thank you Pollywog!)

Well, I got a wide screen monitor
for my birthday from my sweetie.

I can't figure out how to load the
driver properly, so I'm not sure
I have my colors calibrated right,
and it's driving me crazy.

Getting used to a 22" screen
is going to take some getting
used to! I'm not sure where
the boundaries are.

I'm so lucky.

Well, I'm seeing double vision,
and still have laundry to deal
with, and coffee to make.

Have a great week.