WSOAPP - Fabric Swap

Today is fabric swap launch with the eBay group
Whispered Secrets of a Primitive past.

The idea was to purchase 2 yards of a fabric.
Cut it in half, and send one yard to your secret partner.

I received this cherry print on a white background,
wrapped with the red satin ribbon with polka dots,
from my secret swap partner.

I don't normally purchase bright fabric.
I found this cherry print on a black background
and thought it would look good together
with the fabric I received.

I threw in a little red/white stripe for color,
and used that for the bloomers.

As a little something extra, I made a clutch purse
out of the same fabric,
(it makes an awesome cosmetic bag).

This doll turned out to be my "sassy" girl.
I named her CHER.
I decided she was a Conga dancer,
and made her bow into a sort of a headdress.

I purchased this navy fabric.
It had a subtle polka dot print, with
red flower berries, and green stems.

For contrast, I used vintage damask linen.
The center panel has a scalloped edge,
with white-on-white embroidery.

I also made a little clutch purse with the navy fabric.

I named this pouty little thing DOLLY MADISON.
It was just Madison, until I happened to catch
a program about former President Madison.
His wife's name was Dolly.
She was the first known official "First Lady".

Making these dolls didn't come easy.
I had to allow my self time to let them evolve.

I'm learning if I allow myself the time to be more patient,
I yield better results.

I had fun. That is what really counts!
Now don't forget to check out our launch listings.
It will be fun to match up partners.


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Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Wonderful expressions!