Needle felted Liberty Bear Makedo

I first made a little needle felted bear,
using a pattern by Jenn Steffa.

I wondered what it would look like if I increased
the size a little.

Well, this project went on forever.

Because his head was larger,
he toppled over easily.

My friend suggested I try a honey pot to hold him up.

I found a cute little yellow bowl
that might just work as a honey pot.

It didn't work.
That bowl now holds my loose pearls from costume jewelry
intended for my dolls.

OK, Plan B:
Insert sharp object that will also be inserted
into a textile bobbin.

Unfortunately, a little glue is needed.

A cute little ruffle, and tie.

Hang tag with "Liberty" stamped on it.

Voila! A patriotic bear makedo.

It works for me!