Feeling Celestial

I rejuvenized a black tin I found,
at an atique shop recently.

I repainted the tin, and added a light
coat of matte varnish.

Then using 6-strand floss,
punched this half moon and star pattern
that I designed.

The edge is finished with wool yarn,
and navy floss in a primtive style stitch.

The mini rug was gently bathed,
in a walnut stain.

I listed it today on eBay.
It's one of those items,
I hate to part with!

I gave new life to this washboard.

I rubbed a gel stain onto the wood,
and finished with a light coating of
matte varnish.

I designed a rising sun,
punched in golds on a black background.

I love the way it just pops!

The rusty section is strong enough
to hold magnets!

I have also just listed this on eBay.

I can't imaging washing
MY lingerie with this gadget!

Good 'ole days?

I do remember when I was a little girl,
my mom washed our clothes
with a wringer washer.

Imgine that?


Flowers on a Washboard

Washboards are my new favorite surface,
to add a needlepunch to.

This little design took 2 evenings of watching
TV with my mom. Together, we watch
Idol, and Dancing with the Stars.

I punch, and peek, while mom has
the remote, and is in charge of
pressing the mute button during
the commercials,
or switching channels to see how the
Boston Red Sox are doing.

I find it difficult to sit still,
and watch TV, so this little
hobby is perfect, because I am
getting something accomplished.

This weekend happens to be cold, damp and
rainy, and I have 3 more washboards ready
for a design.

So, maybe I can sit long enough for a
good tear jerker kind of movie?

I'm thinking of doing a theme in
Pansies, funky Chickens, and a Loon.
Stay tuned!

NeEdLepUnCh ~ Trash to treasure

I love sunflowers,
and strangely, I love boxes or containers.

This little box is an antique shop find.
It measures 9" across by 3 1/2 " wide,
and 2 1/2" tall.

I decided to decorate it with a little
folk art sunflower needlepunch topper.
I used 6-strand floss,
punched over weaver's cloth.

For the leaves however, I used a special
3-strand Valdani thread, which was
in varigated greens.

I tinted it with walnut stain,
and attached wool with linen thread
around the border.

The inside of the box needed some TLC!

So I applied a golden herringbone wool
with some modge podge.

An improvement, but not the final look
I had in mind. But it will do.

This is how nasty it looked.

I tried to search online for the age
of this box, which I assume held
a special No 50 Keystone Syringe.

The results of my search yielded
so many different types of syringes,
it sort of was too weird for me,
so I lost interest in knowing it's age.

I think I can live with the crusty wool instead.