Feeling Celestial

I rejuvenized a black tin I found,
at an atique shop recently.

I repainted the tin, and added a light
coat of matte varnish.

Then using 6-strand floss,
punched this half moon and star pattern
that I designed.

The edge is finished with wool yarn,
and navy floss in a primtive style stitch.

The mini rug was gently bathed,
in a walnut stain.

I listed it today on eBay.
It's one of those items,
I hate to part with!

I gave new life to this washboard.

I rubbed a gel stain onto the wood,
and finished with a light coating of
matte varnish.

I designed a rising sun,
punched in golds on a black background.

I love the way it just pops!

The rusty section is strong enough
to hold magnets!

I have also just listed this on eBay.

I can't imaging washing
MY lingerie with this gadget!

Good 'ole days?

I do remember when I was a little girl,
my mom washed our clothes
with a wringer washer.

Imgine that?


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I love the moon!

Doreen said...

Love them. You do a wonderful job.


Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, my nanna used an old wringer washer too, and Lux Soap Flakes :)