Flowers on a Washboard

Washboards are my new favorite surface,
to add a needlepunch to.

This little design took 2 evenings of watching
TV with my mom. Together, we watch
Idol, and Dancing with the Stars.

I punch, and peek, while mom has
the remote, and is in charge of
pressing the mute button during
the commercials,
or switching channels to see how the
Boston Red Sox are doing.

I find it difficult to sit still,
and watch TV, so this little
hobby is perfect, because I am
getting something accomplished.

This weekend happens to be cold, damp and
rainy, and I have 3 more washboards ready
for a design.

So, maybe I can sit long enough for a
good tear jerker kind of movie?

I'm thinking of doing a theme in
Pansies, funky Chickens, and a Loon.
Stay tuned!

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