NeEdLepUnCh ~ Trash to treasure

I love sunflowers,
and strangely, I love boxes or containers.

This little box is an antique shop find.
It measures 9" across by 3 1/2 " wide,
and 2 1/2" tall.

I decided to decorate it with a little
folk art sunflower needlepunch topper.
I used 6-strand floss,
punched over weaver's cloth.

For the leaves however, I used a special
3-strand Valdani thread, which was
in varigated greens.

I tinted it with walnut stain,
and attached wool with linen thread
around the border.

The inside of the box needed some TLC!

So I applied a golden herringbone wool
with some modge podge.

An improvement, but not the final look
I had in mind. But it will do.

This is how nasty it looked.

I tried to search online for the age
of this box, which I assume held
a special No 50 Keystone Syringe.

The results of my search yielded
so many different types of syringes,
it sort of was too weird for me,
so I lost interest in knowing it's age.

I think I can live with the crusty wool instead.

1 comment:

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

My guess, based on the wood, label, typeface and latch is 1900-1910's. But I'm no authority. The typeface really says early 20th century, but it might even be late 1890's.
How's that for "narrowing" it down.