Happy Birthday Nettie

Today, I honor my mother!
She is holding my soon to be adopted kitty.
Tobias (Tobey) was abandoned, and is being
bottle fed by my BF's daughter....

Moe is taking care of Tobias until he
is ready to leave the Animal Shelter...

Nettie fell in love at first sight!
Happy Birthday Mom.
I love you with all my heart!

I can't wait to for Tobias to come home!


CrewelWoolDesigns said...

Happy Birthday, Nettie!!!! Have a wonderful day and birthday year!!! You look so lovely!!!! Tobias is the sweetest little kitty and soooooo handsome!!! I can see why you can't wait for him to come home!!! Sam and Nettie, he's going to be one loved kitten!!!!! LOL

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Happy Birthday!

That kitty is the cutest thing ever! Love the photo of him on his back with those little pink paws and mouth. I don't think there is any creature sweet in the world than a kitten. And a perfectly elegant name as well!


naomisnotions said...

What a sweetie!!!! What I wouldn't give, to snuggle that little kitty, and kiss his little nose!!! :)

Is he going to stay with mom when you go to work? She might not want to give him back! :) He sure will be spoiled! :)

Happy Bithday Nettie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tobias is the cutest thing!!

Moe said...

Nettie looks so happy with Tobias :) I'm sure he can't wait to be with his new mommy. He certainly took to you quite well! Just a couple more weeks.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

That's probably the cutest little face I"ve seen!