Primitive Woodland Witch

Well it's been a crazy month with proms,
graduations, weekend visitors, gardening,
water leaks, website re-design and parties!
No time for creating,
but I did mange to squeek this one out!
I can be very anal sometimes! LOL!

Anyway, I named her Ruth.
She has an uncanny resemblance to someone in my life.
To those that know me, can you guess who she is?

I loved making this doll.
She was a lot of fun to create.
Another one of those creations that
simply takes it's own course.

She is a crow-whisperer!
Has anyone come up with that one yet?

I listed her on ebay tonight.
Now, hopefully things will quiet down a little
around here, and I can get down to business!

Well, there is still the 4th of July to get through!
And my baby kitty will be coming home.
I'm sure he will keep me preoccupied for a while!!!

1 comment:

simple~needs said...

wow!! great job!!!
so, who is ruth?? lol