Makedos - sneak peek

Tomorrow I have 2 makedo's to list on eBay.

The bird is my entry
for the "bird challenge"
with my NEPG group,
using a Sassafrass Hill Primitives pattern.

When I began these projects, I had no
idea they would end up as makedos.
I had no vision.
I allowed the project to speak to me.

First the bird was tentatively going on
a spring, just as pictured in the pattern.
For the heck of it, I spied this spindle,
and I couldn't resist. It was perfect.

I had no idea, it would serve as a pinkeep.
But it seemed too plain without other birds
to add as a grouping.

The strawberry, was a sample I purchased and
was going to use as a pattern to make more.
Well, my "to-do" list is very long,
and since I haven't made them yet,
this strawberry was going on the bird!

WSOAPP is having a launch as well, and
this month's theme is Halloween Parade.

This pumpkin head, was going to be a doll.
I lost interest, and cast the head aside....
Then, it occurred to me it was a perfect shape
for a pumpkin head makedo.

I just so happened to have another spindle nearby.
The hat was supposed to be painted muslin. But
I had some remnant felted wool, and thought I
would experiment. I liked the end result.

The ruffle was originally long, and was going
to be like an underskirt to some green fabric.
I was playing with the ruffle, and thought
I really liked it tucked up inside.

It needed some color, so I attached a bit of
orange tinsel. I remembered I had some extra
candy corn ornies, and with a rusty bell,
made the perfect neck adornment.

I used a black complimentary cotton fabric
that was perfect for the hat band,
and finis~! I really like him.

I can't wait to see what else is listed
tomorrow. I hope you will join me!