I'm Painting again!!!

Some time ago,
I purchased a ton of Terrye French patterns....
Put them in a binder....
looked at them over and over again.....
and finally I did it.

I dragged out my paints and brushes,
and found this plate,
and painted this Harvest Thyme scene.

I didn't stop there.....

I have a HUGE bolt of canvas,
and thought I would attempt this cute halloween scene.
I was going to paint this pattern a year ago, when I was
painting with my dear friend Janis Tomlin.
Her shop burned down,
and I just never made it back.

Anyway, I got brave, and I have to admit,
it was so much fun painting on this canvas.
It's truly my style, and I will definitely be doing more.

His teeth are way too white, since I forgot to shade a little there. I will add a coat of polyurethene, and some antiquing, and I think it will warm it up some.

I really, really love this pattern from Quaint Folk Primitives. The designer is from Australia I believe, and I purchased the pattern from Pattern Mart.

I don't usually enjoy doing a pattern more than once right away, but for some reason, I really enjoyed doing this one again, not once, by 3 times! One of these will be a Halloween Swap gift, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, she doesn't decide to check me out! OK, I'll say no more....or I'll just ruin it.

I really enjoy doing needlepunch, and I wanted to do something with orange and black, and attempted this OHIO star pattern. I love against this really plush black wool. I wish I remembered who I ordered this wool from. I would love some more!!!
It's heavenly to work with.

I was inspired to do this pillow tuck after receive an e-mail from a gal I know. She belongs to a local Arts Committee, and invited me to particpate in their upcoming Fine Fiber Fest. You can enter up to 4 items, that will be displayed for 5 weekends in a large light filled gallery in town. Your item(s) may be purchased. The deadline to enter is Sept 5th.

I think pillow tucks such as these are small enough projects, with an affordable price range. I also have 3 craft fairs that I have committed to, (Sept, Oct, and Nov), so I have a tight schedule. I'll think about it some more, but right now I have a canvas drying with it's first layer of base coat.....I'm going to paint a primitive santa today....so stay tuned!


Gayle said...

What a darling little pillow! What size is it! Love the rusty bells attached to the corners.

Log Cabin Antiques said...

I love all your new projects, but especially love the plate! You are just too talented for words!

Debra said...

Oh My goodness! You are so talented! Great projects!

Sam I Am said...

awwww...love your paintings! love the flag!!!!
great job!

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

I LOVE the Terry French designs! Beautiful work! I did the same thing, bought almost all of her new patterns last season, and still need to paint a bunch of them!

Laurie said...

Oh my Sam! You are so talented. I especially love the Harvest Thyme plate. Just amazing.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

YOu've been busy--Love your paintings! And the pillow is wonderful too.
Hope all is well with you!

BeFRuiTFuL said...

So glad you are painting again hun. Love these patterns to Terrye's designs are awesome.

Hugs JoEllen