Halloween Prims

I painted this witch using a pattern by Susie Saunders back in 1996. I used to visit her shop in the Heart of Byfield. When I needed inspiration I could visit her shop, and feel her energy. She also had beautiful gardens, and loved to give tours.

She has passed on now, and I miss her, and her lovely shop.

Suzy was a fast painter, and she used Jo Sonya paints and her patterns often called for the use of retarder. She also liked to blend her paints to achieve a certain color. That is a challenge for me. I decided to try this pattern again, except this time, I simply used a wash of water to blend my paints. I am very pleased with how this witch turned out.

I chose to paint on a canvas that I hemmed all the edges with my sewing machine. I left a wider hem at the top to insert a dowel. I couldn't take a picture that didn't give off a glare from the polyurethane finish. The colors are so rich and vivid from using Jo Sonya paints.

She is currently for sale on my WSOAPP shoppe!

This cute little pumpkin gal was made using a Veena's Mercantile pattern, found in the current issue of Mercantile Gatherings. The instructions were to enlarge the pattern. I'm not certain I enlarged it enough, but I do like the size of this doll.

I put black sheer pantaloons on her, and just love how she turned out! She is for sale on my WSOAPP shoppe as well! I hope you will take a peek at all of my friend's shoppes on WSOAPP. You will find some incredible OOAK offerings. I am so honored to be a part of this extremely talented group.

Thanks for peeking!


simple~needs said...

great job!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine Holman said...

I always loved Susie Saunders work and saw her home in a magazine once with all of her gardens. I had no idea that she had passed away. She will be dearly missed by many decorative painters.