Primitive Folk Art Santa Pillow

I originally intended this painting
to be a wall banner,
using a pattern by Katrina Roncin.

It looked so plain when finished,
and I didn't feel like adding
some christmas slogan or title....
so I just set it aside.

Then I accidently spilled a drop of
brush cleaner on one of the corners,
and had to trim all the edges.

I didn't want to discard it....
and happened to be organizing some
fabric when it hit me.
A pillow!!!

I have this yummy homespun, that I
thought had great potential for
making this pillow. I first pre-washed
the fabric adding some scented oil in a
cinnamon and clove scent.
It smells so darn good!

A few rusty bells, and voila!

A OOAK pillow.
I have added this item for sale
in my WSOAPP shoppe.


simple~needs said...

you did an awesome job!!

sadie pink said...

Great Santa!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Love him! I love those happy little accidents. (when they turn out well, that is!)