Snowmen Shakers on textile bobbins

I love snowmen, and making
these little guys was a blast.
All made the same, and all
very different personalities.

My mom rummaged through my recycle bin
to save the blue bottles. I'm glad she did.

I love the hollow green glass candlesticks.
They are perfect stands for shakers.

The blue bottles really makes the blue glass eyes pop!

This gal is another one of my discarded projects,
that took on a totally new direction.

A year ago, I made spindle santas and dolls,
and this body never made it. So it was abandoned.

The cloak didn't fit the body,
or any body for that matter.

I decided to wire her arms, and loved the
shape they took, and one thing led to another.

I found a string of bulbs, and pulled out a
feather tree from the garage...and
a little blush, sheeps wool for the hair,
vintage pearl buttons, and pearl brooch,
clove eyes and painted lips...
and another project done. LOL!

Ok, so I've been burning the midnight oil
getting ready for a craft fair....
you gotta have some fun don't ya think?

Come join me at the fair~


Newman and Laddie

Luckily I have a 3-day weekend off from work.
It's been a hectic week.
Started with my mom being
admitted to the hospital,
and spent 3 nights there.
I was supposed to go away
for the weekend, and attend a
fair in Searsport Me.

It wasn't meant to be.
(my 2nd no-show fair this season)

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball,
and you just have to roll with it.

I cancelled the fair, and spent time with mom.
Once I knew she was snug and cozy in her home,
I settled into my studio looking for
something to spark an interest.

Well I had this really cute pattern from
Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head,
sitting in a basket with some
festive halloween fabric.

I had really good intentions to make a
pumpkin head like Julius Bump, but time
got away from me.....

So.... I have this really cool White
virgin wool, and it was soooo yummy
to work with.

Since I was behind the 8-ball for a
halloween project, I'm ahead of the
game with snowmen.

I made Newman in a really cool suit
with coat tails. He has lavender buds
in his head and hands. His flannel
clothes were bathed in a spicy oil
scent, and dried in the sun. His arms
and legs are wired, making him very
flexible for posing. I didn't dare
to distress the wool for this project.
The wool was too costly to mess with,
but I might try a tiny experiment...

I made a shaker head named Laddie,
mounted on a green textile bobbin.
He sits in this tall
green glass candlestick that makes a
perfect display stand.

Well, I do have a fair coming up
on November 1st...so I better whip
up some santas too!

Thanks for looking!