I finished my oval nesting boxes
The smallest box is about 17" wide
and the largest box is about 20" wide
Rookwood Red * Antique Gold * Antique White

I had to empty the center island
so everything ended up here....
where the table used to be against the wall...

The electricity was turned off, wires removed,
island sawed in half....and removed. YAY!!!

Apparently one layer of linoleum was installed
over the first layer....Ughhhh!

Quick fix: cover with an area rug for now.
The table isn't placed over the center of the rug,
but it is in the middle of the kitchen.

My beautiful new hutch holds quite a bit
more than I anticipated, but I did lose 10 drawers,
so I had to bring in a bureau to pick up the slack.
It holds the toaster oven, and the bakers rack
now holds the microwave, so there is more counter space.
My kitchen now feels larger, and sunnier.
Max loves being curled up in the basket.

I have reason to believe this is the mom of
the kitten I recently put down.
Notice her black right eye...
poor thing. My heart aches for her.
My friend says she still comes for food,
at least for now....

My adorable Toby ~ Catching a snooze,
He looks like the way I feel,
winding down a 4-day weekend.
Well my days were packed with emotions,
and productive with projects.
It was nice having my son home from college,
but I did alot of cooking and baking...
and I have not been following my WW regime,
and tomorrow night is weigh-in...it won't be good.
I sure could use more of these extra days (sigh).

Well, I have stencils to clean, and
the last load of laundry to fold,
then it's back to work (and the diet).
Have a happy week my friends,~


WIP + Long Weekend = Happy Me

Work-in-Progress #1

I have 2 extra days off with the holiday,
and I'm not sure what to finish first.

I decided to experiment with these nesting
paper mache boxes by covering them with fabric.

My inspiration to attempt this,
is from 2 different tutorials by
Primitive Betty's and
Blackbird Designs

I combined both techniques, and need to
antique them after a little sanding.
I really love the fabrics, and think
a little antique rub will soften them up a bit.

They are almost cured.
I used Modge Podge, and did paint
OVER the fabric.
I think I might not do that step
next time. But it really does dry clear.
The inside of all three boxes are
painted a bittersweet chocolate.
I painted over the fabric that overlaps
from the sides. It's a good cover.

Work-in-Progress #2

This is a BEFORE photo of a tiny hutch
I purchased at a yard sale.

I have removed the door, to have a better
handle on sanding and painting black.

Then I will sand it some more, and decide
if I want a second color over it.....

Not sure if I want to leave the door off.
I will have to putty up the holes first,
so that means more work.....hmmmm....

Work-in-Progress #3

Lastly I have these large oval nesting
paper mache boxes that I'm base coating black.
I will sand and apply a second coat.

I haven't decided which colors to use,
but they will be distressed lastly,
and I will probably use 3 different colors
like a barn red, mustard, and khaki.
I might leave the lids black.

I plan to stencil the words in black:
Woolens ~ Antiques ~ Primitives

It's currently a dull, drank & dreary day,
but we all know it's my favorite creating weather....

I decided to cook a spiral ham & lasagna yesterday
for Thanksgiving, and cook the bird today, which
forecasted to be more cold and raw day.

That was a good plan, as I needed a day
yesterday to collect myself after putting
my kitten to sleep.

Now I need to heal my spirit, and creating is a
good outlet for my aching heart.

I hope you will enjoy your day my friends.


Extreme Primitive Santa

I had an itch to get my fingernails dirty.
I'm pretty sure I purchased this pattern
from Veena's Mercantile last year,
and I thought it was time to tackle it.

I have to say that Kim is brilliant!
I love her method for the fringe on the hood.

I really had so much fun working on him.
I love the smells of cinnamon, coffee and vanilla,
and the worn look after sanding.

My friend had given me this ticking fabric, which feels
old and delicate, and I had to keep pulling strings
thoughout which leads me to think it was a tied backing
to a quilt at one time.

It was faded here and there, and I thought it would
add to the grungy process.

He sure was fun to make, and I'd like to keep him,
but I really need to list something in my KSGP shoppe,
so he is sadly for sale.

Don't you just hate it when you
fall in love with your creations????
But I can't keep it all....


Time to make Santas!

I know it's not even Halloween yet...
well this makedo was "supposed to be" a witch...

But it didn't happen that way...
the body was just hanging around my studio,
butt naked, and ugly.

I got tired of staring at it that way,
so I started playing with some wool,
and then the homespun came out....and
one thing led to another, and he was born.

Just a santa makedo on a spindle...
I really like him....
just in time for the 7th
and available in my WSOAPP shoppe!


Primitive Witch makeover

Today I decided to change up a witch doll.
She was made with Veena's Mercantile pattern.
I really didn't like her homespun dress,
so I ripped it off of her.

I had originally wired her arms,
and the wire was poking through,
so I tore off her arms (ouch!)...

I gave her new arms, which I love.
Jazzed up a black dress with ruffles
and lime green piping.

Added a grosgrain ribbon with
rusty bell and black tinsel.

A touch of Romney wool with
sun kissed ends.....

A spot of aging mix,
nap in the sun....
and a light sanding....

She's DONE!


Cutter Quilt Teddy Bear

Just this week I decided to dismantle a fragile cutter quilt.
It was torn in several places, and coming apart,
so I thought maybe I could make something with
the good pieces.

I realized the first layer was just
a cover-up for another vintage quilt.

Tobey couldn't resist hanging out with me,
and getting into anything I left within his reach.
He finally gave up, and left me to sewing,
and snuggled on the freshly washed uncut quilt,
to take a little nap.

Since the fabric was so delicate,
I decided to quilt it to a layer of muslin.
It helped to stabilize it somewhat, but
that meant cutting each pattern piece twice.

I chose the blue blocks, and pulled out
a medium bear pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm.

I took my time, and it required a lot of
hand stitching. I strengthened some places
with addditional patches.

He is stuffed with a generous amount of
lavender buds, and I used blue glass eyes.
Using one of the contrast color blocks,
the hat helped break up the color scheme.
Muslin that had been previously distressed,
made a nice soft ruffle around neck and hatbrim.

Rusty bells and rusty tinsel were my final
finishing touches.

Hmmm, I wonder what a red one would look like?


Primitive Folk Art Black Cat Needlepunch

Somehow, I managed to finish this little project
for my WSOAPP shoppe deadline which is today.
Be sure to check out all the shoppes in WSOAPP!

I decided to paint the tin dust pan black,
and like the way the colors pop.

Special thanks to Primitive Betty's for
generously sharing this design.

I did alter the pattern slightly, to
ajdust it proportionally to fit the tin.

* * * *

This has been a truly strange summer for me.
Yesterday was one of those surreal days....

Today, my heart is heavy, and my thoughts are
preoccupied with a special person.
A man that is responsible for making a difference,
in the quality of my life, and
cared so much about his employees.

Yesterday he collapsed at work, in the arms of
a co-worker. He was rushed to the hospital
and stabilized, but it is still unknown if
he sustained brain damage.
He will turn 80 in 2 weeks.

It's one of those times in life,
where a course can change in an instant.

Another reminder how some things can be
so trivial, and some things taken for granted,

that we can't say these words often enough...
and have no regrets.

"Thank You"

"I'm sorry"

"I love you"

* * * *

“The most important things in life aren't things.”
Anthony J. D'Angelo

“I've learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget
how you made them feel.”
~Maya Angelou


Using Betty's Free Doodle - WIP

Recently I was ready to begin a new Needlepunch project,
and was at a loss for choosing a subject.

I happened to visit Primitive Betty's blog,
and she had posted a new freebie pattern.
I love her designs, and decided this might
be the perfect design for what I had in mind.

I began punching exactly as she had the pattern,
but the key was on the side at a slant....
Somehow my design was lopsided, and
just didn't look quite right....

... I ripped out the key, and decided to
place it above the black cat.

My intent is to secure it to this little
metal pan I purchased at an antique sale.

My next dilemma is how to finish the pan.
I guess I'll spray it with a flat black
rustoleum paint...and go from there.

I favor black naturally, but this shade
of green appeals to me....but you never know.
I'll be posting the finished item in my
WSOAPP shoppe on the 7th....

* * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, this summer I have really been
struggling with time management....
amoung other things.

I feel like I am constantly taking one
step forward and 3 steps back...
I have been pulled in different directions,
with obligations, commitments, financial changes,
and demands I have placed on myself.

Yesterday I had a meltdown, and concluded
I need to stop and "smell the roses".
A co-worker lost his battle to cancer
a couple months ago, but in his last days,
he sent a check to his supervisor, and asked that
he treat our company to a luncheon.

Yesterday, in his memory we did just that.

Recently, my cat almost died, I learned of loved ones
passing on, a friend diagnosed with cancer,
a cousin on her deathbed, plans for a 35th
reunion, my friend's mom celebrating her 90th
and my nephew celebrating his 10th, my blood
preassure is climbing....and meanwhile
we are planning for company in the weeks
to come, and I'm wondering...

...will it really matter if
my house won't pass the white glove inspection?
Will it really matter if my gardens don't
look like Martha Stewart's? And will anyone
really care if I didn't create something new?

No it won't matter.
Because I'm healthy, with a roof over my head,
food on the table (most of the time)
and surrounded by loved ones.

So the weeding, crafting and housework
needs to be placed on hold, so I can get
a sanity check. I'm going camping for a
couple days with my "hugger" if he
remembers who I am....
sitting by the fire under the stars for a
couple nights might just be the spoonful of
medicine I need to get through the summer.

So, with that said, I wanted to list something
for our Christmas launch in my NEPG group....
I decided the best way to deal with this commitment.
(with the revelations I just made about jumping
in the slow lane in life), is to list this santa
I made LAST YEAR, but I'll have fun with it,
and start it out at 99 cents and see what happens!

At the end of the day,
after a good cry, and tears wiped away,
I remind myself I am very blessed,
very lucky for the loved ones in my life,
and truly, LIFE IS GOOD,
(dirty house and all!)

My cat is crawling into my lap,
begging for attention, so it is time to go now...
you better take these moments as they come,
before they pass...and it's too late.
C'est La Vie


Black Cat Needlepunch Makedo/Shaker

This was fun to make.
I had this black cat image in my mind.
I had the shapes sketched out,
but couldn't decide on the colors.

So, I chose them randomly as I punched.

I really had no idea what the end result
would be until I finished.

This was so much fun to make.
I think I'll be making more!

* * * * *

Aunt Lucy, Nettie, Debbie and Aunt Claudette

My cousin, and our moms, and aunt Lucy Lu
are heading out to Idaho today
to visit Deb's sister Cindy and family.

They will return on July 12th

Everyone was so giddy with excitement!
Luckily I could get them to calm down
long enough to pose for goodbye photos!

My cousin is going to have her hands full!
Good Luck Deb!
Look out Idaho!


Rain makes me crazy...good crazy!

Our upcoming launch
"Whispers under an Autumn Moon"
in my WSOAPP group,
begins in a couple days,
(June 28 - July 5)
and my projects were
created with the moon in mind.

Inspired by one of my favorite artists,
John Sliney,
I decided to paint this washboard,
and sugar mold in a similar scene....

I love the sound of pelting rain,
and love the fresh clean smell it leaves.

It's been REALLY raining a lot here in NH,
and nothing gets my creative juices flowing
more than a spell of rain....

These two painted projects were painted
free hand without tracing a pattern.
That's the lazy side of me, as well as
the rebel side of me wanting to "do it myself".

Sometimes this "frame of mind" spells
disaster for me,
but I'm pretty pleased with the
outcome of these projects,
considering I don't paint like I used to!

I ran into an old painting bud recently,
and it got me thinking of dusting off my
brushes. Soon, we think we'd like to get
together and paint again. Yay!

Besides painting, I love to sit in the evening
visiting with my family with a project in hand,
and I wanted to dress up this paddle I found.

For some time I have had my eye on this applique
wool pattern by Whimsicals,
and I though I would adapt it to a smaller
version in needlepunch.

The wool border is whipstitched with linen thread,
around this yummy brown homespun wool
I purchased recently from my friend, Allison.
I love it!!

Well, now I'm going to celebrate.
My kitty "Tobey" has been in the hospital.
He was very limp like a ragdoll when I
brought him with a high fever of over 105!

The Dr. just called to say he is behaving
like a Tiger again, and I can bring him home!
I miss my baby, so I better run for now!
That was really scary!

I hope you will take a minute to visit
our group WSOAPP during our launch!


Halloween calling....

Well, today's plans never developed since it rained all day...
but my heart does flip flops when I can be creative, and
have NO WHERE to go!....

So I finished this little paper mache box
with my skeleton needlepunch design.

The crackle didn't show as well as
I would have liked, but it looks
good and distressed, so it works.

I managed to paint some surfaces,
and clean the oven (yuk)....
good day to run the oven though...

I decided to take out my Oxford needlepunch,
and used wool yarn for this orange tabby cat.

It worked up really fast,
but I really didn't have a plan,
and now feel it's too bland above the cat...
well I did have a flower, but I didn't know
how to gauge how much wool I would need....
and deleted the flower...oh well....
it's still cute to me.

It's bigger than it looks here,
8-1/2" x 10-1/2"
I stuffed it with sheep's wool and lavender,
and attached small rusty bells for the eyes,
and a larger one on each corner.

Ok, I better run and put everything away, or
my wool-thief cat will cause me some grief.
This pillow will be worse than catnip for sure!

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

Looking out my kitchen door,
I can see it's going to be one of those days.

The weather isn't looking promising for our plans
of taking a cruise in the harbor today with the kids.

This is what's left of our evening deck fire,
still smokin', defying the early morning rain...

Yesterday I started my weekend taking my mom
out for a morning of tag sale hunting....

I got this tiny stained glass lamp,
plus a glass candlestick and frame for repurposing.

It turned into a pretty warm day,
too hot to play in the gardens,
and too late to start a project,
so I cleaned out my furnace room.

It's a little room off my studio
where I can stick things out of the way.

I'm a pack rat when it comes to saving boxes
of various sizes, and yesterday I heaved them.

Now I can actually get at things,
and see the various possibilites of
new projects. YAY!

I almost worked on purging my closets,
but Tim talked me into going shopping
for a portable fire pit instead.....

First we feasted on fresh fried cod!

A couple weekends ago, I started painting
furniture for my Fall Festival fair in September.

I need to make a couple doll crib quilts,
raggedy dolls for the little chairs,
and some hooked rug covers for the little
ironing boards in the corner.

That inspiration came from Searsport Rughooking!
It was so darned cute, I thought, I can do that!

Anyway, if it's going to be a rainy day,
and we don't go out on the boat,
I will probably finish the edges on this
skeleton needlepunch project, and attach it
to a paper mache box.

While I'm painting the box black,
I may as well prep the sugar mold
for my next project.

I love this John Sliney pattern, and have
a wooden sign that I would like to make as a
complimentary piece to the candle holder.

I will adapt the moon and sheep to fit the sign.
Well now you know my plans for the day.
May your day be filled with whatever makes YOU happy!
Thanks for visiting....Chao!


Cashew Bear, Pillow Tuck, and Sheer Fear!

My weekend began with a sweet surprise, when I
received an e-mail from England,
requesting to purchase an item in my WSOAPP shoppe!

I was apprehensive at first, since I have never
sold anything overseas, but I looked up the postage,
and a few e-mails later, the item is paid for!

AMAZING, how quickly the internet works!
What in the world did we do without it?

I start every Saturday hitting tag sales with
my trusty companion; my mom!

This Saturday, I couldn't believe
the amount of yard sales everywhere!
We found a couple neighborhood sales, and
a HUGE barn sale at a beautiful farm house!

As soon as I returned home, my best friend Polly,
phoned to say she was in the neighborhood, and
stopped for 5 minutes (literally).
She showed me her goodies, and boasted that
she found a town-wide yard sale.

That woman has yard sale radar!

I put my treasures away;
feasted on some AWESOME homemade fish "chowdah"'
(thanks to my great-cook and fish-killer boyfriend);
watered the gardens;
and then managed to get "Cashew" listed
in my WSOAPP shoppe.

She was so much fun to make. I used a pattern by
Sweet Meadows Farm, and I took my time with
her details. I'm proud of her,
and she smells soooo yummy!

This is the second item I listed in my shoppe.

Recently I purchased wool from Lois Roy,
of Olde Scotties Primitives on eBay,
and with my package, received a notice
about her eBay Rughooking group, which I joined.

She generously shared a free pattern with the
members, to complete a project by September.

I was intimidated by the curves and points,
as I am a rookie "hooker".
So I practiced on a needlepunch project,
after she gave permission to reduce the size.

I LOVE the colors after primming with walnut crystals,
but I'm disappointed that the numbers
1862 aren't more visible.

It also didn't help that my mom's vision
of this piece, is one of a "cock-eyed" sailor!
(Thanks mom!)

I'm also disappointed that I misplaced my
medium point punch needle. I had
to use my small needle, which means I can
only use 3-strand floss instead of 6-strand floss,
which is my preference.

I attached the design to piece of wool
(which Lois also generously gifted
with the pattern) and stuffed it with
Lavender and flax seed.
I attached a removeable yarn hanger,
and I'm actually pleased overall.

So, here is my one-year kitty; Tobey.
He now comes into my studio under supervision,
and he decided to nap in some boxes I hadn't
put away yet. So sweet at this moment....

This is where the sheer fear comes into play...
I fell asleep on the couch watching the
Red Sox game...and when I headed to bed,
I thought it was odd that the cats were nowhere to
be seen. I remembered that I had opened the door
in my bedroom, and thought I would check to see
if they were at the screen door......

Either I left it open after shaking out the rugs,
or they pushed it open with their paws.....

In the last 2 weeks, in the middle of the night,
we have listened to the ungodly sounds of an
animal screaching the sound of a slow death.....
The worst only a few nights before.....
A fisher cat maybe on the prowl....

as I realized my cats were
out at 9:30 at night!

Max is 15, and does go out, but always comes in
by dusk. Tobey just turned one,
and he recently pushed the
bathroom window screen out,
and was at the kitchen door
outside looking in,
and was quickly wisked into the house.

Another time, I brought him out only to realize,
he was headed for the woods lickety-split and I
was not dealing with that.
Way too soon, and inside he went!

Geared with flashight in hand,
Tobey was found, skittish and with very wet paws.

That's when the wheels came off, and I
surrendered to sweet slumber!
Today is a new day, and I have
a list of chores; spreading mulch,
weeding, putting laundry away, some housework,
and maybe clean my studio.

I live for my weekends!
Thanks for visiting!