Primitive Valentine Bunny Makedo

It has been a rough week.
My company laid off 11 people un-announced.
It was difficult to see the pain in
their eyes, as they wondered how they were
going to pick up the pieces of their lives.
Then within one day,
a co-worker lost his battle to cancer.

Unfortunately, these are things in life,
one has no control over.

Hoping to channel this sad energy into
something more positive, I decided to
immerse myself downstairs in my studio

Over a year ago, I purchased 2 tin cups with
hearts, lady bugs and sentimental sayings.

I attempted to stain them last year, but
never finished anything for
Valentine's day as I intended.

I decided to attempt to fill one of the cups today.
Once I began, I felt like I was guided to the end.

This bunny makedo is exactly what I envisioned
long ago, when I purchased the cups on one of
my yard sale hunts.

I was successful in lifting my spirits for
the moment. I will auction this bunny on
eBay starting at 99 cents,
and hope to brighten someone's day.

As always, thank you for looking!


Feed The Birds - accent pillow

When the season of American Idol starts,
so does my traditional "date night" with mom.
I usually have some sort of stitching project to work on,
and I go to her house to where together we watch the show.

I began this Feed The Birds cross-stich
(pattern by Need'l Love), and pretty much
just worked on it in the evenings to wind down my day.

My eye sight isn't what it used to be,
and I have been working on more primitive
and casual needlepunch projects.

My newest challenge is my kitty.
He likes to crawl in my lap to snuggle
when I settle down for the night,
so we have a little "tug-of-war" with
the threads before he settles down to nap.
I usually have to reposition myself to get
some good light, and hide my threads to avoid
temptation if he wakes up suddenly.
This can be tricky, but I'm getting better!

Yesterday, I was able to age the design
in a walnut crystal bath. I then framed the
design in a pretty folksy print.
The backing is a rustic color corduroy
(which is the same fabric used for a
background when I shot the picture).

It's stuffed with polyfil,
and a generous scoop of lavender buds.
When the pillow is handled,
it releases the aroma of lavender.
I had just enough tea-stained
crocheted lace trim to frame the design.

It's 20" long, by 9" tall.
I sewed around the design to allow a
flat border that is not stuffed
before filling the center and
stitching on the lace trim.

It's really cute on my couch,
and I am so tempted to keep it.
Mom liked it on her red rocker.
But it is available for today
in my WSOAPP shoppe.

I guess I will need to prep my next
project to start tomorrow night.
I have a "friendship" project in mind
that I can't wait to start.