Primitive Valentine Bunny Makedo

It has been a rough week.
My company laid off 11 people un-announced.
It was difficult to see the pain in
their eyes, as they wondered how they were
going to pick up the pieces of their lives.
Then within one day,
a co-worker lost his battle to cancer.

Unfortunately, these are things in life,
one has no control over.

Hoping to channel this sad energy into
something more positive, I decided to
immerse myself downstairs in my studio

Over a year ago, I purchased 2 tin cups with
hearts, lady bugs and sentimental sayings.

I attempted to stain them last year, but
never finished anything for
Valentine's day as I intended.

I decided to attempt to fill one of the cups today.
Once I began, I felt like I was guided to the end.

This bunny makedo is exactly what I envisioned
long ago, when I purchased the cups on one of
my yard sale hunts.

I was successful in lifting my spirits for
the moment. I will auction this bunny on
eBay starting at 99 cents,
and hope to brighten someone's day.

As always, thank you for looking!


Log Cabin Antiques said...

I LOVE the bunny!! I will have to watch it on ebay. Glad it brought you joy to make him.

Marie Reed said...

How could I not click on a blog called Gollywobbles! Great stuff!