Spindle Doll and Cross Stitch Pillow

I woke up Saturday morning really early.
I had an image of a primitive doll in my head.
I couldn't get her out of my mind, so I knew
I would be making this doll.

I was inspired by a doll I had seen at Cottage Herbs,
as well as a pattern I had seen in Kindred Spirits.

She was created without mishap or distraction.
I originally thought she would be smaller, and
she was intended to be hung as a greeter or wall hanger.

I just had an urge to work with wool.
It felt so good
to do the stitching.

As I began cutting her out,
I remembered this spindle.
The rest is history.

Her name is Pheobe.
She is available on WSOAPP.

Cross Stitch is another passion I have been doing lately.

I haven't done it in a while, because it's the kind
of project that feels like it drags on forever.

I'm very impatient, but this pillow
worked up fast enough.

I am very fond of Lori Markovic's designs.
I was very sad to learn she has
retired from designing patterns.

I used over-dyed Valdani floss for this project.
The colors are all varigated, and in soft hues.
Good Stuff.

Well thanks for peeking.
Time to get dinner in the oven....


Making Mini Quilts now...

What a great weekend for getting things done!

I managed to whip up this little
prim log cabin quilt.

I soaked it in walnut crystals, and
love how warm the colors become.

I have bags and bags of fabrics
all sorted by color.

It was a little overwhelming trying
to figure how to take a little bit
here and there....

so, I might just have to cut strips
by different widths, and build a stash.

I put this one up for sale on my
selling blog site.

Don't know what to expect, but I
do have some plans for more
mini quilts....