Primitive Bunny Makedo

While Tim was working on his kayak in the garage,
I was creating McKinney.

This project was such a joy to work on.
It's one of those projects I'm going to
hate selling....but I can't keep everything.

I would have liked to have made
a couple these, this weekend,
but Craig was home from college,
and it was my birthday this weekend,
well sort of...
you see I'm a leap year baby,

and if I had my way,
I would kind of like to forget it....
but since it only comes once every
four years, NOBODY forgets it.

Anyway, I have the best of families and
friends. The phone rang off the hook,
folks popped in, and it was one
distraction after another.
I'm very blessed.

Now we have another dang snowstorm,
and Craig won't get on the road
back to school til later, much later,
and I'll now I have that to worry about.....

Have a great week everyone!