Making progress

So far, I have soaked my project
in a walnut stain,
and tacked down the edges.
I changed my mind on the penny rug idea....
after remembering this cool box I have.

It fits perfect on a lid of a Grey Goose Vodka box.

I once worked in a liquor store over the holidays,
and these boxes held about 6 little nip bottles.

These boxes were thrown away!
Imagine that?

These are such well-made boxes.
I loved it when it was slow,
so I could stock the nips,
with my evil eye on the vodka boxes! LOL!

After I left the store, I tried
to see if I could get some from
a friend who still worked there,
but the bottles are no longer
packed in these boxes.

Now my dilemma is how to finish the box?

Stain or paint with a crackle finish?

Here is my calzone fresh out of the oven,
popped out of a bundt pan.

The cheddar cheese and oil from the
peppers left a dark glaze, which really
didn't do much for the presentation.

I also forgot the Italian seasoning...
It was still yummy~.

Today, it's pea soup in the crockpot,
using up left over spiral ham from Easter.

May your day be blessed!


Karen said...

This is going to make a wonderful display box! What a good idea.

Boggy Creek Primitives said...

Looks yummy to me! That darkened cheese, in my opinion, tastes better like that.