Needlepunch ~ WIP

Yesterday's weather almost hit 70,
prompting me to leave the BR window wide open...
only to be awakened before dusk,
by some little animal screetching;
sadly, the victim to another animal hunting!

Not a pleasant start to my day,
but it did get me up early!

Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee,
and hitting the computer to check e-mails,
I felt like working on my needlepunch project.

The pattern is by Primitive Betty,
and I'm secretly hoping she
will feature my finished project on her blog.

That gal is so darn popular,
and clever, she is!

So I'm only showing the back side of
my project. I'm thinking it's going to
be a little penny rug when I'm done.

It's not very pretty at this stage,
but now I can move on to the next step.

Here's a tip:
Take a close look at the threader.
After a while the threader gets bent, and
out of shape, and eventually breaks in half.

That happened this morning, so I brought
out a new threader. After watching a
tutorial recently, I learned to LEAVE the
little tab ON the end.

Silly me, I always removed the tab.
I have lost more than one that way.
Once it falls on the carpet, if you
don't have a flashlight, it's a goner.

It just means I have to insert the floss,
twice, to thread the needle, (since threading
a punch needle is a 2-step process).

The down side, is the pink little tab
bobs up and down, which is a "red alert" to
my kitten. He poises into position,
ready to leap just as I get the thread
into the eye of the needle......

Ok, so what's up with the roasted peppers?

This is the best ingredient for CALZONEs.
today I'm going to put a little twist to
my calzone by baking it in a bundt pan.
Won't that be a pretty presentation?

I don't use a recipe any more...
I simply purchase a package of pizza dough,
and massage it flat on a cookie sheet that
has been oiled. It will keep shrinking as
you work, but once you start layering cold
cuts, it will stay put.

I start with a layer of Ham and Genoa Salami,
partially steamed broccoli,
Italian Seasoning,
the Roasted Peppers,
and grated cheese.

Take one edge of the douch and roll
it towards you, ending with the seam
side down. Gently tuck the two ends
under as well.

If you decide to bake
in a bundt pan, you may need two
spatulas to lift and gently
place into the pan.
Just try to keep the seam intact.

Bake in a 350 degree oven, about 40 minutes
or so....just keep on eye on it.
It will be golden brown, and your
kitchen will smell divine.

I'll try to take a picture
when it comes out of the oven.
I can smell it already....

Today I'm going to Seize the Day.
How about you?


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

This recipe sounds wonderful! I'm thinking of starting breakfast, but now I want to move right into lunch! Thanks for sharing.

Boggy Creek Primitives said...

I'm going to try your recipe.

I say "Carpe Diem" all the time (seize the day) :-)