Needlepunch bug

My latest project inspired by a M. Shaw design.

I chose random colors, and random punched.

The design is attached to a painted
paper mache box in complimentary colors.

For some reason my photos are really off.
Maybe that poppy red has something to do with it?

Couldn't resist distressing the paint,
and buffing with paste wax.

I might even throw in some hand made tags,
since I have been working on some for a
swap exchange coming up with NEPG.

Honestly, I'm out of control.

Can I ask a favor of you?
Lately, my page doesn't seem to be
loading quite right.

Either the background is missing,
or the right nav bar is missing.
So this morning I deleted a bunch of
photos, and widgits, thinking maybe
I've overloaded my blog.

If you agree with me, and see the same
thing, would you mind posting a comment?
I'd like to get to the bottom of this.
Many thanks!

Well, the sun isn't quite out after a
week of rain, but I sure did see quite
a few yard sale signs this week.

So, off I go!
Have a great day!


Spring ~ 2009

Just last week, as I was leaving for work,
my eye caught a glimpse of dew,
on the hostas, sparkling in the morning sun,
after a night of frost ....

The Orioles are back!
Luckily, armed with my camera, I was
able to catch a little competition
for the oranges and grape jelly.

I wanted to capture the flowers
demanding attention in my garden yesterday...

My sweet woodruff was a single plant 2 years ago,
and now covers a fair amount of territory.
I love how it is blooming and spreading.

I managed to attach 3 birdhouses to
porch posts placed in my garden last year.

My dad made these birdhouses before he died,
in May of 1995. It is time to use them
after all these years. I'm sure he's smiling...

Don't you just love garden ornaments?
The Buddha and angel in the top row,
as well as the knight in armor,
were purchased at yard sales for
a $1 each last weekend!!!

The bottom Buddha and angel
lower right are gifts from my boys.

The chair was abandoned on the
side of the road.

Yesterday, Tim scored HUGE points with me.
He rototilled my new garden.

The frames are a birthday gift
that he made for me this year.
Both measure 4' x 8'.

THEN, he picked a yard of loam
for the beds!

WAIT, that's not all!

On our way to get the loam,
I spotted FREE railroad timbers...
but they were way too heavy for
Tim and I....so....when my son
got home, he and Tim went back, and
brought me home 3 timbers to line
my garden bed.
OH my gosh, they fit Perfect!

I got a few chuckles about the fence,
and shutters on the end.
That' ok, that's going to support
my Morning Glories and Sunflowers!
Too cool.
I can see the vision,
and I know they can't.
That's ok...they will in time!

My best wishes to you and your families,
this Memorial Weekend...

My deepest thanks to the ones
away at war, and may God speed
them home safe and sound.
Pray for Peace.


Primitive Cat with Personality

This is one of those projects that flows
smoothe from start to finish....

I was doing laundry, feeling a little distracted,
and I happened to look at this kitty fabric,
hanging above the washing machine,
as if I had never seen it before.

(I hang fabric on hangers on a pole there)

This vision of a primitive cat
took shape in my mind.....

I could feel the juices begin to flow,
as my mind started thinking of other things....
black textile bobbin, black tulle,
skelton fish charm....black tinsel....

I grabbed some muslin, and cut out this
vision in my head.

Sew, stuff, paint, sand, stain.
Add skirt ruffle, charm choker,
"Pasties"? my mom asked?
NO....it's a bikini top!!!!

Well, this is the beginning
of my cat-on-a-bobbin series....

Meet SKAT....
Loves Fish
Limbo Champ
Sun Worshipper
"Dancing with the Stars" fan....

This was so much fun to make
a primitive creation....
stay tuned for more Bob Cats!

Thanks for letting me share!


Butterflies, Angels and Demons

My latest needlepunch project.

I pulled random colors out of my floss stash,
and hand drew this whimsy butterfly.

I misplaced my medium size needle,
and had to use the small size, which required
that I use 3-ply floss for this project.

I gently stained the design area,
and attached it to a small paper mache box,
painted in complimentary colors of
Heritage Brick and Flesh tone.

I stitched a brick red wool yarn
around the edge with linen thread.

I finished the box by buffing with
a dark color wax paste.

Yesterday my son Tyler, (while working for Yankee Clipper Landscaping), helped set up the Red Carpet and Landscaping at the Portsmouth Music Hall for Dan Brown's premiere of "Angels & Demons". Dan Brown (author of The Divinci Code) attended school locally, and arranged this gala event.

Unfortunately, even though my son took tons of photos, he is missing his cable to download the photos from his camera...(darn it). Hopefully soon, I'll be able to share some of his stunning photos of the displays.

He arrived home mid-afternoon, dirty, tired and beat, but exhilarated at the same time. He couldn't wait to show me his photos, before going to grab some zzzzz's. He needed to return to work at 10:30 last night to remove everything they setup. He arrived home from work at 4:30 AM this morning.

Angels and Demons Premiere ~ Portsmouth, NH

Seacoast Online
"Author Dan Brown stops to chat with Seacoast Sunday reporter Gina Carbone after he walks the red carpet at The Music Hall on Saturday evening at the Portsmouth premiere of “Angels & Demons.” Brown, an Exeter native who now lives in Rye Beach, invited more than 600 friends and family members to share the evening with him."