Black Cat Needlepunch Makedo/Shaker

This was fun to make.
I had this black cat image in my mind.
I had the shapes sketched out,
but couldn't decide on the colors.

So, I chose them randomly as I punched.

I really had no idea what the end result
would be until I finished.

This was so much fun to make.
I think I'll be making more!

* * * * *

Aunt Lucy, Nettie, Debbie and Aunt Claudette

My cousin, and our moms, and aunt Lucy Lu
are heading out to Idaho today
to visit Deb's sister Cindy and family.

They will return on July 12th

Everyone was so giddy with excitement!
Luckily I could get them to calm down
long enough to pose for goodbye photos!

My cousin is going to have her hands full!
Good Luck Deb!
Look out Idaho!


Gourdqueen said...

I so love this! You did an awesome job!

MarZel said...

This cat came out GREAT!!! I LOVE IT. I know its late but there is still time...I would love to have you over to my blog for giveaways at my tea party!!!

Now, what is this punch you are referring too when you made him???

thank you!!

Gollywobbles said...

Hi Marzel,

When I referenced "punch", I meant as I was needle punching! LOL!


Log Cabin Antiques said...

Hi Sam,
I LOVE the little Halloween make-do. He's right up my alley! Happy 4th of July.

Boggy Creek Primitives said...

Sam ~ you are just so durn talented girl! And I love looking at your family photos :-)