Cashew Bear, Pillow Tuck, and Sheer Fear!

My weekend began with a sweet surprise, when I
received an e-mail from England,
requesting to purchase an item in my WSOAPP shoppe!

I was apprehensive at first, since I have never
sold anything overseas, but I looked up the postage,
and a few e-mails later, the item is paid for!

AMAZING, how quickly the internet works!
What in the world did we do without it?

I start every Saturday hitting tag sales with
my trusty companion; my mom!

This Saturday, I couldn't believe
the amount of yard sales everywhere!
We found a couple neighborhood sales, and
a HUGE barn sale at a beautiful farm house!

As soon as I returned home, my best friend Polly,
phoned to say she was in the neighborhood, and
stopped for 5 minutes (literally).
She showed me her goodies, and boasted that
she found a town-wide yard sale.

That woman has yard sale radar!

I put my treasures away;
feasted on some AWESOME homemade fish "chowdah"'
(thanks to my great-cook and fish-killer boyfriend);
watered the gardens;
and then managed to get "Cashew" listed
in my WSOAPP shoppe.

She was so much fun to make. I used a pattern by
Sweet Meadows Farm, and I took my time with
her details. I'm proud of her,
and she smells soooo yummy!

This is the second item I listed in my shoppe.

Recently I purchased wool from Lois Roy,
of Olde Scotties Primitives on eBay,
and with my package, received a notice
about her eBay Rughooking group, which I joined.

She generously shared a free pattern with the
members, to complete a project by September.

I was intimidated by the curves and points,
as I am a rookie "hooker".
So I practiced on a needlepunch project,
after she gave permission to reduce the size.

I LOVE the colors after primming with walnut crystals,
but I'm disappointed that the numbers
1862 aren't more visible.

It also didn't help that my mom's vision
of this piece, is one of a "cock-eyed" sailor!
(Thanks mom!)

I'm also disappointed that I misplaced my
medium point punch needle. I had
to use my small needle, which means I can
only use 3-strand floss instead of 6-strand floss,
which is my preference.

I attached the design to piece of wool
(which Lois also generously gifted
with the pattern) and stuffed it with
Lavender and flax seed.
I attached a removeable yarn hanger,
and I'm actually pleased overall.

So, here is my one-year kitty; Tobey.
He now comes into my studio under supervision,
and he decided to nap in some boxes I hadn't
put away yet. So sweet at this moment....

This is where the sheer fear comes into play...
I fell asleep on the couch watching the
Red Sox game...and when I headed to bed,
I thought it was odd that the cats were nowhere to
be seen. I remembered that I had opened the door
in my bedroom, and thought I would check to see
if they were at the screen door......

Either I left it open after shaking out the rugs,
or they pushed it open with their paws.....

In the last 2 weeks, in the middle of the night,
we have listened to the ungodly sounds of an
animal screaching the sound of a slow death.....
The worst only a few nights before.....
A fisher cat maybe on the prowl....

as I realized my cats were
out at 9:30 at night!

Max is 15, and does go out, but always comes in
by dusk. Tobey just turned one,
and he recently pushed the
bathroom window screen out,
and was at the kitchen door
outside looking in,
and was quickly wisked into the house.

Another time, I brought him out only to realize,
he was headed for the woods lickety-split and I
was not dealing with that.
Way too soon, and inside he went!

Geared with flashight in hand,
Tobey was found, skittish and with very wet paws.

That's when the wheels came off, and I
surrendered to sweet slumber!
Today is a new day, and I have
a list of chores; spreading mulch,
weeding, putting laundry away, some housework,
and maybe clean my studio.

I live for my weekends!
Thanks for visiting!


Rustic Country Handcrafts said...

Hey Sammy, sounds like you're back! I was getting worried. Love the needle punch. . . Deb

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh my! Scary--cats can make the most awful sounds at night. We had a stray behind our house the other night and I thought it was a child screaming!! Turns out it was just an old tomcat.

naomisnotions said...

Your new offerings are awesome! They are both great,I hope you sell them fast! :) Tobey is so cute sleeping in that box.