Halloween calling....

Well, today's plans never developed since it rained all day...
but my heart does flip flops when I can be creative, and
have NO WHERE to go!....

So I finished this little paper mache box
with my skeleton needlepunch design.

The crackle didn't show as well as
I would have liked, but it looks
good and distressed, so it works.

I managed to paint some surfaces,
and clean the oven (yuk)....
good day to run the oven though...

I decided to take out my Oxford needlepunch,
and used wool yarn for this orange tabby cat.

It worked up really fast,
but I really didn't have a plan,
and now feel it's too bland above the cat...
well I did have a flower, but I didn't know
how to gauge how much wool I would need....
and deleted the flower...oh well....
it's still cute to me.

It's bigger than it looks here,
8-1/2" x 10-1/2"
I stuffed it with sheep's wool and lavender,
and attached small rusty bells for the eyes,
and a larger one on each corner.

Ok, I better run and put everything away, or
my wool-thief cat will cause me some grief.
This pillow will be worse than catnip for sure!


Gourdqueen said...

Oooooo I like them both but the skellie is be fave!

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Wow Sam, you are a fast worker. I can't believe you got all this done today. Amazing.

Cookie said...

what treasures... but i'm in Linda - skellie is my fave too!

Sunshines*Creations said...

Sam love the kitty pillow and the Skelli too. Too funny my kitty is a theif too :) I'm always loosing things here or there :)