Rain makes me crazy...good crazy!

Our upcoming launch
"Whispers under an Autumn Moon"
in my WSOAPP group,
begins in a couple days,
(June 28 - July 5)
and my projects were
created with the moon in mind.

Inspired by one of my favorite artists,
John Sliney,
I decided to paint this washboard,
and sugar mold in a similar scene....

I love the sound of pelting rain,
and love the fresh clean smell it leaves.

It's been REALLY raining a lot here in NH,
and nothing gets my creative juices flowing
more than a spell of rain....

These two painted projects were painted
free hand without tracing a pattern.
That's the lazy side of me, as well as
the rebel side of me wanting to "do it myself".

Sometimes this "frame of mind" spells
disaster for me,
but I'm pretty pleased with the
outcome of these projects,
considering I don't paint like I used to!

I ran into an old painting bud recently,
and it got me thinking of dusting off my
brushes. Soon, we think we'd like to get
together and paint again. Yay!

Besides painting, I love to sit in the evening
visiting with my family with a project in hand,
and I wanted to dress up this paddle I found.

For some time I have had my eye on this applique
wool pattern by Whimsicals,
and I though I would adapt it to a smaller
version in needlepunch.

The wool border is whipstitched with linen thread,
around this yummy brown homespun wool
I purchased recently from my friend, Allison.
I love it!!

Well, now I'm going to celebrate.
My kitty "Tobey" has been in the hospital.
He was very limp like a ragdoll when I
brought him with a high fever of over 105!

The Dr. just called to say he is behaving
like a Tiger again, and I can bring him home!
I miss my baby, so I better run for now!
That was really scary!

I hope you will take a minute to visit
our group WSOAPP during our launch!


Mary said...

SAM! I just love your paint works of art! Both my grandparents did wonderful oil paintings, but alas, the apple fell far from the tree when it came to me. I've dabbled just enough to know I didn't inherit any of their talent in that department. LOL! Best of luck with your pieces!



Crystal said...

These are wonderful!