Using Betty's Free Doodle - WIP

Recently I was ready to begin a new Needlepunch project,
and was at a loss for choosing a subject.

I happened to visit Primitive Betty's blog,
and she had posted a new freebie pattern.
I love her designs, and decided this might
be the perfect design for what I had in mind.

I began punching exactly as she had the pattern,
but the key was on the side at a slant....
Somehow my design was lopsided, and
just didn't look quite right....

... I ripped out the key, and decided to
place it above the black cat.

My intent is to secure it to this little
metal pan I purchased at an antique sale.

My next dilemma is how to finish the pan.
I guess I'll spray it with a flat black
rustoleum paint...and go from there.

I favor black naturally, but this shade
of green appeals to me....but you never know.
I'll be posting the finished item in my
WSOAPP shoppe on the 7th....

* * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, this summer I have really been
struggling with time management....
amoung other things.

I feel like I am constantly taking one
step forward and 3 steps back...
I have been pulled in different directions,
with obligations, commitments, financial changes,
and demands I have placed on myself.

Yesterday I had a meltdown, and concluded
I need to stop and "smell the roses".
A co-worker lost his battle to cancer
a couple months ago, but in his last days,
he sent a check to his supervisor, and asked that
he treat our company to a luncheon.

Yesterday, in his memory we did just that.

Recently, my cat almost died, I learned of loved ones
passing on, a friend diagnosed with cancer,
a cousin on her deathbed, plans for a 35th
reunion, my friend's mom celebrating her 90th
and my nephew celebrating his 10th, my blood
preassure is climbing....and meanwhile
we are planning for company in the weeks
to come, and I'm wondering...

...will it really matter if
my house won't pass the white glove inspection?
Will it really matter if my gardens don't
look like Martha Stewart's? And will anyone
really care if I didn't create something new?

No it won't matter.
Because I'm healthy, with a roof over my head,
food on the table (most of the time)
and surrounded by loved ones.

So the weeding, crafting and housework
needs to be placed on hold, so I can get
a sanity check. I'm going camping for a
couple days with my "hugger" if he
remembers who I am....
sitting by the fire under the stars for a
couple nights might just be the spoonful of
medicine I need to get through the summer.

So, with that said, I wanted to list something
for our Christmas launch in my NEPG group....
I decided the best way to deal with this commitment.
(with the revelations I just made about jumping
in the slow lane in life), is to list this santa
I made LAST YEAR, but I'll have fun with it,
and start it out at 99 cents and see what happens!

At the end of the day,
after a good cry, and tears wiped away,
I remind myself I am very blessed,
very lucky for the loved ones in my life,
and truly, LIFE IS GOOD,
(dirty house and all!)

My cat is crawling into my lap,
begging for attention, so it is time to go now...
you better take these moments as they come,
before they pass...and it's too late.
C'est La Vie