Primitive Witch makeover

Today I decided to change up a witch doll.
She was made with Veena's Mercantile pattern.
I really didn't like her homespun dress,
so I ripped it off of her.

I had originally wired her arms,
and the wire was poking through,
so I tore off her arms (ouch!)...

I gave her new arms, which I love.
Jazzed up a black dress with ruffles
and lime green piping.

Added a grosgrain ribbon with
rusty bell and black tinsel.

A touch of Romney wool with
sun kissed ends.....

A spot of aging mix,
nap in the sun....
and a light sanding....

She's DONE!


TamboinMO said...

I like the modern twist you gave her!!!

Marilyn said...

You really improved her! I wish I had an eye like you have to make cute things cuter and much better. LOVE, Thanks for sharing!