Extreme Primitive Santa

I had an itch to get my fingernails dirty.
I'm pretty sure I purchased this pattern
from Veena's Mercantile last year,
and I thought it was time to tackle it.

I have to say that Kim is brilliant!
I love her method for the fringe on the hood.

I really had so much fun working on him.
I love the smells of cinnamon, coffee and vanilla,
and the worn look after sanding.

My friend had given me this ticking fabric, which feels
old and delicate, and I had to keep pulling strings
thoughout which leads me to think it was a tied backing
to a quilt at one time.

It was faded here and there, and I thought it would
add to the grungy process.

He sure was fun to make, and I'd like to keep him,
but I really need to list something in my KSGP shoppe,
so he is sadly for sale.

Don't you just hate it when you
fall in love with your creations????
But I can't keep it all....


Time to make Santas!

I know it's not even Halloween yet...
well this makedo was "supposed to be" a witch...

But it didn't happen that way...
the body was just hanging around my studio,
butt naked, and ugly.

I got tired of staring at it that way,
so I started playing with some wool,
and then the homespun came out....and
one thing led to another, and he was born.

Just a santa makedo on a spindle...
I really like him....
just in time for the 7th
and available in my WSOAPP shoppe!