I finished my oval nesting boxes
The smallest box is about 17" wide
and the largest box is about 20" wide
Rookwood Red * Antique Gold * Antique White

I had to empty the center island
so everything ended up here....
where the table used to be against the wall...

The electricity was turned off, wires removed,
island sawed in half....and removed. YAY!!!

Apparently one layer of linoleum was installed
over the first layer....Ughhhh!

Quick fix: cover with an area rug for now.
The table isn't placed over the center of the rug,
but it is in the middle of the kitchen.

My beautiful new hutch holds quite a bit
more than I anticipated, but I did lose 10 drawers,
so I had to bring in a bureau to pick up the slack.
It holds the toaster oven, and the bakers rack
now holds the microwave, so there is more counter space.
My kitchen now feels larger, and sunnier.
Max loves being curled up in the basket.

I have reason to believe this is the mom of
the kitten I recently put down.
Notice her black right eye...
poor thing. My heart aches for her.
My friend says she still comes for food,
at least for now....

My adorable Toby ~ Catching a snooze,
He looks like the way I feel,
winding down a 4-day weekend.
Well my days were packed with emotions,
and productive with projects.
It was nice having my son home from college,
but I did alot of cooking and baking...
and I have not been following my WW regime,
and tomorrow night is weigh-in...it won't be good.
I sure could use more of these extra days (sigh).

Well, I have stencils to clean, and
the last load of laundry to fold,
then it's back to work (and the diet).
Have a happy week my friends,~


WIP + Long Weekend = Happy Me

Work-in-Progress #1

I have 2 extra days off with the holiday,
and I'm not sure what to finish first.

I decided to experiment with these nesting
paper mache boxes by covering them with fabric.

My inspiration to attempt this,
is from 2 different tutorials by
Primitive Betty's and
Blackbird Designs

I combined both techniques, and need to
antique them after a little sanding.
I really love the fabrics, and think
a little antique rub will soften them up a bit.

They are almost cured.
I used Modge Podge, and did paint
OVER the fabric.
I think I might not do that step
next time. But it really does dry clear.
The inside of all three boxes are
painted a bittersweet chocolate.
I painted over the fabric that overlaps
from the sides. It's a good cover.

Work-in-Progress #2

This is a BEFORE photo of a tiny hutch
I purchased at a yard sale.

I have removed the door, to have a better
handle on sanding and painting black.

Then I will sand it some more, and decide
if I want a second color over it.....

Not sure if I want to leave the door off.
I will have to putty up the holes first,
so that means more work.....hmmmm....

Work-in-Progress #3

Lastly I have these large oval nesting
paper mache boxes that I'm base coating black.
I will sand and apply a second coat.

I haven't decided which colors to use,
but they will be distressed lastly,
and I will probably use 3 different colors
like a barn red, mustard, and khaki.
I might leave the lids black.

I plan to stencil the words in black:
Woolens ~ Antiques ~ Primitives

It's currently a dull, drank & dreary day,
but we all know it's my favorite creating weather....

I decided to cook a spiral ham & lasagna yesterday
for Thanksgiving, and cook the bird today, which
forecasted to be more cold and raw day.

That was a good plan, as I needed a day
yesterday to collect myself after putting
my kitten to sleep.

Now I need to heal my spirit, and creating is a
good outlet for my aching heart.

I hope you will enjoy your day my friends.