Primitive Needlepunch flower interpretations

Pink Lupine

I decided to use up some of my floss,
leftover from various projects,
to create little needlepunch toppers for these
paper mache boxes, also in my "stash".

I just quickly drew the image,
and picked whatever color I had.
It's a fun "don't-have-to-think" while
I'm doing it project, and more fun
to see the result.

Unfortunately the lighting isn't very
good, and these are the best shots I can
do for now.


I love trinket boxes, and these are fun to make.
My friend Polly asked if I was going to
finish putting brown around the petals.
Nature can be pretty random sometimes,
and so can I.

It's raining, and I'm sitting here with
wet funky hair in my nightgown, and
I'm going to be late for work AGAIN.

Don't know why a rainy day stirs my muse;
I just want to stay in my studio and play.

It's not going to happen.
Gotta run.....