Computer Issues

Recently my hard drive suffered a life altering (mine) setback.
I'm currently having my dear machine examined and repaired to
improve my quality of online living.

Meanwhile, I am actually getting things done, around the
house and yard! But I am sure getting itchy fingers....

Amazing how that happens.

See you soon!


Having fun making these little angel dolls.
I used a pattern by my friend Brenda, of
The Vintage Polka Dot
with a gollywobbles twist.
(check out her updated blog....yummy design!)

Once I start creating, I may have a pattern
to spring board from...but I'm easily
distracted or swayed to try something different
to fit the mood of the project.

I was aiming for pint size, and trying to
think of a creative way to use up favorite scraps.
Hopefully later this weekend, I'll list these
ornie gals in my Etsy shop.

I'm thinking of picking up the paint brushes
again, or making some journals.
I've been studying up on the book making process
and hope to come up with my own style soon.

Summer time means the calendar fills up fast.
Today I'm going to check out market day
at Dragonfly Hill.
This month's theme is Lazy Hazy days of Summer....
well today is more like one of those
cloudy "iffy" kind of days,
and not so sunny hazy...
oh well, you can't have it all.

I'm curious to see the artists that will be vending there.
A great way to get some inspiration, and see if I
get the "craft fair" bug for the fall.
After Byfield, I'm off to celebrate my nephews birthday.

Tomorrow predicts a rainy type of day,
and I'm thinking it's going to be a great creating day!
Love it!
Enjoy your weekend!