Pumpkin / Snowman do-over

Yesterday, I had a very productive day.
Some serious housework all morning
 then work in the yard putting
all the garden ornaments away.
It was such a good weather bonus-kind-of-day.
I even had the windows open for fresh air.

Later in the evening, we had plans to
catch the fabulous Johnny A 
at the Blue Ocean in Salisbury.
Check out this link to see him play OH YEAH.

So I had a little time to kill,
and decided to work on this make-do;
which was truly a "do" OVER.

He originally was a scary pumpkin,
and he's been hanging around too long.

 So I tore off his scarf;
tweaked his attitude a bit;
and painted him into a snowman.
It was a little hard painting his face
because the surface was very rough,
so I'm still not sure if I'm done.

Yeah, this look didn't cut it.
I definitely like him better as a snowman.
But maybe I should leave well enough alone.

Today looks like it will be a bit cooler.
Don't know if I will get any crafting in....
Family and friends coming over for a little celebration.
I'm making a Spice Bundt cake,
Artichoke dip,
and 2 calzones; a BBQ Chicken,
and a combo Luncheon meats
with broccoli, fried peppers & cheese.

Have a great day~!

1 comment:

Gourdqueen said...

Such a cool transformation! How are you doing Sam? Sure will be glad when you decided to come back to the Queen's Castle and play.
Take care!